Congratulations to the Cedar Haven Healthcare Center December Employee of the Month and Quarterly Recognition Awards winners!

We would like to reward these outstanding staff members who all demonstrate exemplary individual achievement, contribution, and performance in their jobs. Please join us in thanking them for their “Commitment to Care” for our residents and their families with excellence. Below you can read a selection of comments made about these employees when they were nominated by their supervisors, department heads, and coworkers. Residents and families are also encouraged to make nominations at the facility.

Comments made by fellow staff members for December Employee of the Month Awards:

Amanda Wengert, LPN

“She is just altogether a great nurse. She helps the aides when she sees them struggling. She is willing to train new employees. Amanda knows her job and will do more than what is expected. The residents are glad to know she is there and willing to help them in any way possible. I believe she deserves to be recognized for all that she does to make sure the workload goes smoothly.”

“She goes above and beyond what is required. She is an excellent nurse to our residents. She helps other nurses when needed, as well as helping the aides. She always tries to make everyone feel special. She is awesome!”

“She always helps aides when she has free time. She bathes residents and gets them out of bed when we are running behind. Before she goes to lunch, she makes sure all the residents are fed. She goes above and beyond her job duties every day. We appreciate all her help and she deserves to be the employee of the month.”

“She goes above and beyond her duties to help her residents, aides, and always has time to talk to family members of the residents. She is a team player. She has a very positive outlook and attitude every day. She makes our day on the floor a very happy and positive environment.”

“She is an excellent leader. Shows compassion toward her nursing staff, residents, and their families. Goes beyond her call of duty to help others. She shows dedication not only to Cedar Haven but to her co-workers as well.”

“Amanda is a fantastic nurse. She is very organized and keeps 1C running smoothly. She always knows what is going on with her residents and I feel that she genuinely cares for them. As the RNAC for 1C, I feel comfortable going to Amanda with any questions and she is very helpful at ICP meetings. I feel Amanda is a fabulous nurse, an asset to Cedar Haven, and deserves employee of the month.”

Abigail Smith, LPN

“Abby is excellent as the admissions/revisions nurse. She keeps supervisors updated throughout the evening. She helps the charge nurses complete the admission assessments. Abby is kind, goes above and beyond, and is well-deserving to be recognized.”

“Abby always helps the supervisors with new admission and hospital return orders. If orders are not here she will take the extra step to call the facility to try to obtain orders as soon as possible. Abby goes above and beyond. She is also willing to help charge nurses do the admission paper work. A job well done.”

“Abby consistently does an exceptional job as admissions/revisions nurse. She is positive, helpful, accurate, and willing to help anywhere she is needed. Thank you, Abby!”

“Abby is always willing to go above and beyond. She maintains a positive attitude and works hard to get orders ready for the new admissions or hospital return. She is a valued nurse.”

“Abby is a godsend for RN supervisors. She takes care of admissions, revisions, and re-admissions.”

Heather Peters, LPN

“She is a hard worker. Very adaptable; never complains.”

“Always cheerful. Willing to go the extra mile. Never complains. A real team member. Takes a difficult situation and makes the best of it.”

“Heather is always willing to help when I have questions and when we when we work together, she is a great team player.”

Comments made by fellow staff members for Quarterly Employee Recognition Awards:

Tina Hower, LPN

“She always goes above and beyond for the residents. Available to assist the nursing assistants when needed. She is a great nurse!”

Rick Ott, Maintenance

“He always fixes our equipment even when it is passed on that it can’t be fixed. He answers our messages quickly and is always pleasant with residents and staff.”

“Always cheerful. Will respond when needed. Very respectful. Always busy but doesn’t get annoyed when you need him. Makes supervisor aware where she can be reached always.”

Jerry Fessler, Maintenance

“Good worker and comes as soon as he can. Fixes what needs fixed. Very friendly and always has a smile on his face. Jerry is a great guy!”

“He’s a great guy and always comes when you call maintenance. He never complains.”

“Jerry has an outgoing personality that the residents and staff enjoy. Always kind and respectful.”

Dianne Strohm, CNA

“Dianne is an excellent CNA. She always gives quality care and goes above and beyond for the residents. The residents are always happy when they know Dianne has them. She is an asset to Cedar Haven. Diane also has a very good attitude towards the residents and her co-workers.”

“Dianne is always lending a helping hand, not only with staff but with family members and staff of other organizations. Always punctual. She has a good attitude and is friendly to co-workers. Residents are always excited to see Dianne and happy to have her as their CNA for the night. Willing to train new employees when needed. Great Employee!”

Diane Shepherd, Ward Secretary

“I have worked with Diane since she was an aide. She has always taken any job here very seriously and has always put the residents at the top of the list. When we were unit secretaries she was always a fast but efficient worker. She always helps others when she is done with her work. As an employee now in my department, she is the prn for the building. This involves covering the Rehab unit plus four other floors at a time. She always gets the job done and does it very thorough. The other unit secretaries are very grateful. We cannot praise her enough. She goes above and beyond for the residents and their families, to satisfy their needs. She is compassionate and very helpful.”

Rachel Baum, Housekeeping

“Rachel is always friendly. The residents love her. She does a lot for the residents and her rooms are always clean. She is an awesome housekeeper!”

“Rachel is a very kind and caring person. She goes above and beyond for our residents on 3C. She takes extra time to take residents outside every day. We appreciate her!”

“Rachel goes above and beyond her normal duties for the residents on 3C. Examples include: taking the residents outside and bringing them back in when they are ready to, applying sunscreen to the residents when they ask her, reports changes in resident’s condition to the charge nurse, and reports resident requests to the charge nurse. Rachel is an asset to 3C and does a lot of ‘little’ extra things.”

“She helps transport our residents to different programs. She takes residents outside.”

“Always goes that extra mile for the residents. Takes extra time to take them to events and always goes out of her way to go to the dining room for residents to get either coffee or drinks for them. Always pleasant to be around.”

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