Cedar Haven Healthcare Center is proud of remarkable members of our team who deliver high-quality care and services to our residents on a daily basis. Our award winners are nominated by their peers as well as residents and families for the following:

  • taking extraordinary steps in improving the lives of residents.
  • alleviating concerns of residents’ loved ones and family members.
  • providing guidance and mentorship to new members of the clinical staff.

Would you like to see a certain member of our team recognized in this way? You are invited to submit nominations for our recognition awards by submitting your nomination at Cedar Haven!

Below you will see the most recent award recipients and some of the select comments that were included with their nominations. Please join us in congratulating them on this achievement and in thanking them for improving quality of life and care for the residents at Cedar Haven through their commitment to excellence!

June Employee of the Month Award Winners

George Ludwig, LPN

“George is a very easy going, funny, kind nurse. He genuinely cares about the residents and this facility. I love working with him. He definitely deserves recognition.”

“Hard work and dedication!”

“George has one of the biggest hearts. All of his residents love him, and he always goes above and beyond his call of duty! He is a very dependable staff member even with all he’s been through. He’s always willing to help where he can.”

“George is dependable and faithful/sincere with his services to the Cedar Haven residents. The residents love him! We appreciate his commitment to Cedar Haven.”

“George is a dedicated LPN and volunteers to work on his day off if needed. He can be counted on to complete his assignment on time. The residents love George and he truly cares about all of them.”

Sierra Lymaster

“Team player. She wears many hats but always with a smile. Will take the time to explain and teach. Very approachable and her love for the residents is unsurpassed. It’s been my personal experience that a floor runs so much better if you have a great team leader.”

DebiLee Freeman, CNA

“Deb has completed her 1st year as a Cedar Haven employee. She is doing an awesome job! Her positive spirit is contagious!! She is willing to learn and completes her assignment in a timely manner. She treats her residents like her own family. She has been a pleasure to supervise.”

“Deb shows outstanding teamwork, encourages and motivates others. She is thoughtful, energetic and innovative. She makes a difference and inspires others. Deb needs to be recognized for her leadership to this floor and always taking that extra mile for the residents that she so truly cares for. As a nurse, a mentor, I value her! Her compassion and dedication exceed all expectations.”

“Very helpful to new coworkers/coworkers that’s from agency. Works very hard and active. Work ethic is awesome. Have great relationships with the residents. Positive and always has a smile on her face. I am new to Cedar Haven and she has been very helpful to me.”

“Always helpful and in a good mood! Pleasure to work with!”

“Deb is excellent with the residents. She always is willing to help others and helps residents even if they are not on her assignment. Always answers call bells. Deb is the team.”

“Deb is great with the residents. She goes above and beyond when caring for them.”

“She is the best and happiest CNA.”

Quarterly Recognition Award Winners

Markita Hernandez, Nursing Assistant

“Markita is an excellent aide. She takes after her mother who is also a great example and worker. She helps as a team and never says no. We appreciate all her hard work.”

Samantha Daub

“Samantha exhibited a high level of professionalism, patience and understanding when working with agency employees who were not familiar with the unit or residents. She eagerly answered every question and assisted as needed and took the time to make sure the agency aide was ok. Great teamwork!!!”

Milagros Galarza

“She is the most hard-working person.”

Vivian Ramos

“Vivian goes above and beyond. She is upbeat and positive. Vivian always smiles. She is a team player.”

Dori Hildebrand, Therapeutic Recreation

“Dori is an ‘all around’ good employee in the Therapeutic Recreation Department of Cedar Haven. She cares for the residents and serves their needs. Dori uses her time wisely to do her individual job she has been assigned. Dori is a leader who organizes and prepares themed projects for large group events. She is a ‘team player’ and is very encouraging and helpful to her coworkers.”

Rebecca Hiester

“I had the pleasure of observing Rebecca interact with her peers. She was patient, kind, understanding and professional in dealing with an agency aide who did not know the residents or the unit. She gave good explanations and/or demonstrations and made herself available to assist as needed. She checked on agency aide frequently but gave the aide room to do her work. Great job Rebecca!”

Denise Bradley, Housekeeping

“Denise is a conscientious staff member who goes above and beyond in her duties as a housekeeper. She works well with others and is committed to her position and the residents. We are fortunate to have Denise as a team member at Cedar Haven.”

Chris Heisey, Therapeutic Recreation

“Chris goes above and beyond for the residents. She thinks about the entire picture and not just the Therapeutic Recreation side of things. She is firm but takes care of the TR staff, making sure they complete tasks to the best of his/her ability.”

Juana Olan, Unit Secretary

“Juana has become a terrific asset and team player to the unit secretary department. She has learned quickly and continues to assist her nursing staff on her floors. Before becoming a unit secretary, she worked as a CNA and was a solid employee in the nursing department that could always be counted on.”

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