Cedar Haven Healthcare Center is known for our “Commitment to Care” for our residents. These employees were awarded with September Employee of the Month and Quarterly Recognition Awards in order to recognize them for exemplifying all that Cedar Haven stands for in providing high-quality care with compassion.

The Cedar Haven team nominated and selected staff for the following:

  • taking extraordinary steps in improving the lives of residents.
  • alleviating concerns of residents’ loved ones and family members.
  • providing guidance and mentorship to new members of the clinical staff.

You can read brief comments from the nominations below. Please also join us in congratulating the award recipients and thanking them for their important work.

September Employee of the Month Award Winners

Stephanie Mumma, LPN

“Stephanie deserves this nomination for her hard work she put in on her floor. She is understanding towards co-workers, residents, and their families. She is always making sure the aides have done their job and that each resident is well taken care of. Stephanie is dedicated to her floor and to Cedar Haven. She is an outgoing LPN with high hopes for everyone that comes in contact with her. She is always putting a smile on someone’s face.”

“Stephanie works above and beyond her duty. She is kind and loving to all residents and family members. She makes sure everything is stocked and ready to go for her shift and the next shift. She is always there to help the CNAs and offers a helping hand. She deserves the employee of the month for her great leadership and attendance.”

“Steph always comes in early on her shift to make sure that everything is ready for her shift. She helps the CNAs with transfers when the other aides are busy. She is a great nurse and goes above and beyond for her residents.”

“She is so kind to residents and helpful to work with. She puts in extra effort at work each day.”
“Steph brightens everyone’s day with her kind words and beautiful smile. She helps in any way she can and is amazing to work around.”

“Stephanie is a hard-working dedicated employee who will go above and beyond for her residents and their families. She helps CNAs with everything and anything they need. She is kind with her words and very outgoing. A great problem solver and gets done what needs to be done.”

“Steph is like the glue that holds something together. She’s a great asset to Cedar Haven.”

Ashley Donten, CNA

“Ashley has a smile for everyone-no matter what is going on. She has a very good heart and understanding of the residents. She is patient with new employees and always has a nice word to say about everyone.”

“Ashley is a very good and caring CNA. She is very patient with our dementia residents. She goes the extra mile to make sure all their needs are met. I am very glad that she is going to further her education. She will make an excellent LPN.”

“Ashley is caring, kind, and patient. She always goes above and beyond to be helpful to staff and residents.”

“Ashley always goes above and beyond her job description. She is quick to help anyone with anything and always has a pleasant attitude. She is very sweet and caring with all the residents and does not hesitate to step-up when needed.”

Connie Adams, RN

“Connie is vital to holding/supporting the 3-11 staff with the daily challenges. She jumps right in to assist whenever needed. She is fair and values all staff. Connie is kind and genuine to all residents.”

“Connie always goes above and beyond. She is willing to step in and help whenever needed. She is always willing to do whatever needs to be done even if it is not her responsibility. Connie is always happy and she has a pleasant attitude.”

“Connie is amazing. She is a very hard worker and always helps with what she can.”

“Connie is very patient and caring with the residents. Whenever anyone has a question or needs help, she is always there.”

“Connie does a great job of helping when needed. She does a really great job.”

“Connie is an awesome supervisor. She is always ready to get her hands dirty along with the rest of us.”

“Connie is always so pleasant and hard working. She is very helpful and makes sure everyone is ok.”

“Connie always makes sure our floor is ok and that we have all the help we need. She is very caring and understanding.”

“Connie is a great person. She helps in any way she can to solve issues.”

Quarterly Recognition Award Winners

Ashley Aller, Receptionist

“Ashley is such a pleasure to be around. I see what she does for both visitors and residents. She has a great personality and a smile to go with it. She is soft spoken and answers all questions and concerns. She is helpful to everyone.”

Christy Boyer, CNA

“Christy is a team player. She is an asset to Cedar Haven. She shows initiative and works well with all other shifts on her unit.”

“Christy is a hard-worker and shows up to work every day. She is kind and courteous to staff.”

“Christy is always willing to assist nursing administration when needed. We appreciate the information/suggestions/opinions she has to offer us.”

Penny Bahner, Laundry Aide

“Penny is a good worker. She goes above and beyond to help others. She is always very friendly and fun to work with.”

“Penny is a dedicated hard-worker. She is fun to be around.”

“Penny is very kind and always willing to help others. She always has a kind word for everyone and a smile on her face. She is also a very hard-worker.”

“Penny brightens our day. She has a bubbly personality. She makes sure 3-11 shift have their linen and makes sure we have new linen when the stock gets low.”

Connie Dove, Unit Care Coordinator

“Connie deserves to be recognized for all that she does in the time she has worked at Cedar Haven. She trained me to be a good CNA and now that she has been a ward secretary, she does the same. She goes where she is needed and does her job well. She is ‘old school’ which means she shows respect and doesn’t complain. She does her work in a timely manner. Her job comes first. I would like to see her receive this recognition.”

“Connie always helps when she can. She goes above and beyond to help the residents and the nursing staff. She is a pleasure to work with.”

Angela Firestine

“Ang goes above and beyond to help the aides out all the time. She is great in stressful situations and she is always thinking of others.”

“Angie is a great nurse. She goes above and beyond her duties as an LPN. She is always lending us CNAs a hand. She even puts people to bed when we are having a hectic night. She knows how to stay focused and she never loses her patience. She is very caring and compassionate.”

Dana Moyer, Clinic

“Dana doesn’t miss a day of work and she is always on time. Her habits don’t go unnoticed and she knows her job well. I believe she should be recognized for this.”

Austin Morabito, CNA

“For a young man to have the compassion for the residents that he has is overwhelming. Many times I have seen him take time to hold a hand and talk with the residents as if they were family. He is always hard at work and deserves to be nominated.”

“Austin always has a smile on his face. He is always there to help you when needed. He is very nice to the residents.”

“Austin is an awesome aide! He is focused with great time management skills. The kindness and compassion he shows our residents is truly noted and appreciated. His studies in the RN program are an assist to the residents.”

“Austin is a team player and does his job well. He is always smiling and has a good attitude which makes this a better environment to be in.”

Mark Kury, Transport Driver

“I’m nominating Mark because He does a great job ensuring resident safety. He takes his time and does everything he can to make sure residents are on time to their appointment. He talks to the residents and many of them are always so appreciative of his careful driving and enjoy their conversations in the van. There also have been many times Mark will go out of his way to do nice things for the residents.”

“Mark is very cautious with residents, taking his time, while being prompt to appointments. Sometimes I feel Mark’s efforts and level of responsibility behind the wheel of the Cedar Haven van go unnoticed. I feel he deserves this award.”

“Mark is always pleasant and accommodating to the residents. He is very social with them and cares about their well-being. He is always smiling and embodies what Cedar Haven stands for.”

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