Our August Employees of the Month are “S’more Stars” in the Cedar Haven Healthcare Center Team. You can get to know more about Sonia, Corinna, and Renee as well as their contributions to Cedar Haven’s high-quality care by reading the comments shared below by their fellow co-workers. Please join us in thanking them for their excellent work and congratulating them on their achievements and recognition.

Sonia Rodriguez, Transport Aide

“When Sonia is not out transporting she is giving care to the residents out on the units. If we are running behind, Sonia picks up pieces by assisting with baths, making beds, and toileting. She also helps the nurses by reporting changes in resident condition. Sonia is an asset to Cedar Haven.”

On 6/29/17, we received quite the call from Lancaster Urology praising Sonia Rodriquez. They see her frequently. Her accolades included: *She is always willing to help. *She answers the doctors’ questions. *She stays with the resident to make sure they are safe. *She does not sit in the waiting room on her phone like other aides from other places. *She talks to the resident while waiting. *She cares deeply about the residents. *She communicates with staff and is very nice. *She is a wonderful Cedar Haven employee.

Thank you for all your hard work!

Corinna Potts, Nursing Assistant

“Cori is my right-hand gal. Cori assists with assignments and delegates tasks. She is reliable and often picks up additional hours on her days off and also comes in early for day shift. Cori is a dedicated, hard worker and deserves recognition. She is kind to our residents and welcomes new employees.”

“Cori is an excellent nursing assistant. She helps all the other aides and can be counted on to assist the new aides to learn floor routine. She also signs up for overtime which helps her co-workers.”

“Cori takes charge when necessary, does overtime often, and has a positive attitude.”

“Cori is an amazing person all around. She goes above and beyond for her residents and always has such a pleasant attitude. I have never heard anyone complain about her, only good things are said. I am always pleased to see Cori and I know the residents will be taken care of when she is on.”

Thank you for all your hard work!

Renee Boyer, LPN Charge Nurse

“Renee is always willing to help others and she has a positive attitude.”

“Renee is an excellent charge nurse. She is organized and knows her residents well. She is always willing to help residents and co-workers. You never hear her complaining. She communicates well with other shifts. She is dedicated and reliable.”

Thank you for all your hard work!

Welcome to Cedar Haven!

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