Cedar Haven Healthcare Center is home to a number of talented staff members who have chosen to grow their skills and build their careers with us (Learn about our Sign-on Bonuses up to $5,000 and apply to join us here). Every month we recognize some of the team members who excel in their duties and improve life for our residents. Our award winners are nominated by coworkers, residents, and family members in our community for achieving these goals:

  • taking extraordinary steps in improving the lives of residents.
  • alleviating concerns of residents’ loved ones and family members.
  • providing guidance and mentorship to new members of the clinical staff.

Is there a Cedar Haven team-member who you would like to see recognized in this way? Please submit a nominations for our Employee Appreciation program at Cedar Haven!

This month’s award winners are celebrated below along with some of the select comments that were shared about their performance. We applaud you all and thank you for your extraordinary dedication to providing excellent care for our residents everyday.

June Employee of the Month Award Winners

Cindy Chappel

“Cindy does an excellent job in training the new employees. She is a knowledgeable resource for staff having questions. She is willing to work extra when help is needed in any area. Cindy is a team player and an asset to Cedar Haven. We are fortunate to have her on our team!”

“Cindy always helps me whenever possible. She does extras when she has a nurse aide trainee class. She is kind and loving to the residents!”

“I admire the compassion Cindy has for others. She is always kind to her coworkers and treats all the residents exceptionally well! She goes over and beyond daily in her tasks. She sets true examples for all to follow. Cindy is genuinely a caring and an inspirational person with a positive and contagious attitude. People like Cindy help make the world a better place! Thank you for your dedication to Cedar Haven, our residents and coworkers!”


Janet Bodre

“Janet is a hard worker. She works in transport. When she works on the floor, she is a tremendous help. No matter how long she is here she helps the staff with residents and chores.”

“Janet is a team player. She comes earlier to help with residents and their transfer. Residents lover her! Janet makes everyone laugh on bad days!”

“I nominate Janet because she always goes above and beyond! Janet always helps others. She doesn’t complain when helping or picking up extra tasks. She is a good worker!”

Mike English

“Mike is always going above and beyond for residents’ needs. He makes sure they are well, and their needs are met. He is always polite and helpful with the staff.”

Mike goes above and beyond with our residents. He makes sure they feel loved.”

“Mike is the nicest and most polite person. He’s always attentive to our residents.”

“Mike is a great housekeeper!”

“Mike is always working very hard to keep our unit very clean. He helps staff with other tasks without hesitation!”

Quarterly Recognition Award Winners

Audra Bannister

“Audra always comes in early. She is very good with the residents. She takes her time to do the residents hair. She even picks up on weekends and holidays to help on her floor.”

“Audra is always helpful and completes her charting. She is never late and always coming in early. She goes out of her way to help her team on 3F.”

“Audra is always on time and very cheerful when she comes to work. She is always offering to help with assignments and transfers. She is very good with all the residents and takes her time with everyone.”

“Audra always begins her days early with a bright smile and a gleam in her eye. She is always resident oriented. You can usually find her joking with the residents when all her work is completed, and the rooms are cleaned.”

“Audra is my favorite aide!”

“Very cheerful, always interacting with residents. She does everything she is asked without an issue. Audra is good at communicating.”

Amanda Newton

“Amanda is a fabulous and passionate aide who is always on time and picking up shifts to help her coworkers. She is always a hard worker and she never fails to impress her residents with how kind and caring she is.”

“Amanda has awesome attendance. She is willing to help and always brings things in for the residents. Amanda always completes her charting.”

“Amanda is very nice and respectful. She goes above and beyond for the residents. She is great at her job and is good at communicating.”

“Amanda is my favorite aide and is very nice!”

“Amanda always completes her charting in a timely manner. She is always a good team player. She is a very kind person and puts her residents first.”

Carmel Etchberger

“Carmel is an outstanding nurse. She has devoted many years to Cedar Haven and truly deserves recognition. She treats residents with patience, genuine kindness and concern. I’m proud to work with her because she has motivated me to be a better aide.”

“Carmel is a wonderful nurse! She treats the residents so well and treats them all like they are her own family! The residents are her priority! Thank you for being a great nurse and being dedicated to Cedar Haven and our residents!”

Mayra Zertuche

“Mayra is a very hard worker. She’s reliable compassionate and funny. She goes above and beyond for each resident. She picks up extra hours on her days off or extra shifts for her coworkers. She’s an amazing CNA and deserves recognition!”

“Mayra is a very kind and compassionate CNA. She does great with the residents!

Diane Snyder

“Diane is a hard worker! She is always there for everyone and does a good job! When I’m around her she makes me feel happy!”

“Diane always tries her best to accommodate her residents and coworkers. She is always kind and courteous to everyone she meets. She is on top of her duties in the dining room. She has a good attitude and is a good team player!

Rebecca Swope

“Rebecca goes above and beyond for the residents. She thinks about the residents needs and puts that first when creating a program for the residents.”

“Becky always shares a smile and is kind to the residents. She is very patient and understanding when assisting them each day. She goes out of her way to assist the residents and co-workers alike. We are fortunate to have her as part of our team.”

Kim Webster

“She keeps the residents active and engaged on and off the unit!”

“Kim is a long-time employee who does an exceptional job in creating a fun and creative atmosphere for our residents. She has a positive attitude and is a team player. She is an asset to the T.R. Department!”

Jesse Carpenter

“Jesse is a hard-working dedicated employee! The care behind his work shines through. He is very respectful to the residents and his coworkers. He goes over and beyond his job duties to help others. He is genuinely a kind and caring employee. We are so proud to have him be a part of our Cedar Haven team! Thanks for all your efforts in making Cedar Haven a better place! Great job Jesse!!”

“Jesse is always willing to help any department. He is an asset to the maintenance department. Jesse has a positive attitude and is great with the residents and families.”

    Linnea Heilman

    “Linnea has been an employee here for 41 years. She continues to do her best job and always gives the residents attention and respect. She will help in many different areas when asked and always stays pleasant. She continues to always be pleasant to her coworkers and residents. She is part of the team here at Cedar Haven. Hats off to Linnea!!”

    “Linnea has a positive attitude and always wears a smile. She is helpful to her coworkers and treats the residents well. Linnea is very friendly and approachable. She has worked for Cedar Haven several years and we are proud to have her be a part of our Cedar Haven team! Thank you for all you do!”

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