It’s that time again! We are pleased to announce that Marie Weise, Beth Sanders, and Armando Justiniano are the April Employees of the Month. These staff members were nominated by other members of the team at Cedar Haven, whose comments are included below. Please join us in thanking these three staff members for their exemplary dedication to improving quality of life and quality of care for residents at Cedar Haven on a daily basis. Congratulations on your awards!

Marie Weise, Transport Aide

“Marie is courteous, diligent, and interacts well with all residents and staff. She is a real self-starter; constantly attending to her duties without prompting and eagerly available to assist whenever requested. Patient management is clearly enhanced when Marie is available. Clinicians can remain in the department providing patient care knowing full well Marie will attend to transporting residents to and from the therapy department. Besides assisting with patients, Marie also restocks linens and supplies, cleans equipment, and helps maintain a clean and orderly department. Marie is an integral member of the therapy staff and her dedication to duty sets an impressive example for all.”

“Marie is a multi-talented employee. She runs all over Cedar Haven looking for residents for therapy and most of the time, she must search other areas for them. She never gets upset or flustered by her ever-changing schedule. She always shows compassion and care for all residents she encounters. Marie deserves this recognition for many reasons but mostly because she truly cares about the residents and staff members at Cedar Haven.”

“Marie goes over and above her duties as transporter for the therapy department. She also helps keep the department and equipment clean. Marie is an important part of the therapy team due to her dedication and work ethic. Somehow, she keeps all the therapists’ schedules coordinated and running smoothly. She even finds a few minutes to lend a hand when needed with the residents’ needs.”

“Marie has been a KEY component to the therapy department for years. As our staff size triple, Marie has made it her mission to do everything possible to assist every therapist and resident. She is so deserving of recognition for her hard work and dedication to resident quality of life!”

“Marie puts in full-time work in part-time hours. She is compassionate, kind, and truly cares for all residents, their families, and staff. She is an exemplary team player and she focuses on trying to ensure the therapy team is successful. Her value is priceless!”

“Marie is the behind-the-scenes hero of the rehab department. She always gives 110 % effort and never complains.”

Beth Sanders, Laundry

“Beth is a good worker and is always helping others.”

“Beth is kind, caring, and a dedicated employee.”

“Beth is a very dedicated worker. She does an excellent job in performing her laundry duties. She is always willing to help her co-workers. She always has a smile on her face. She truly deserves being awarded employee of the month.”

“Beth consistently shows a cheerful, positive attitude as she does her work. She is a hard worker and is an asset to the laundry department. We are fortunate to have Beth as a long-term employee.”

“Beth has been an employee here at Cedar Haven for over 35 years. She started out in the housekeeping department and for the past 21 years has been in laundry. She has a positive attitude. She is dependable and reliable. Beth is always willing to help her co-workers. We are lucky to have her on our team in laundry. Thank you for your many years of service!”

Armando Justiniano, Nursing Assistant

“Armando is a hard worker, always pleasant, and is very gentle with the residents. He is always willing to cover shifts on his scheduled days off. Armando is a joy to work with.”

“Armando is an excellent co-worker. He goes above and beyond to meet the needs of the residents. Well-liked by staff and residents. Armando is always patient and kind. Always does what is expected or asked of him. He makes sure residents have everything they need and are safe with call bells in reach before leaving the room. he is quiet and respectful of the fact that residents are sleeping. Always willing to lend a helping hand to residents, staff, or other floors. Never complains when asked to do something extra. He is a great resource to the 11-7 staff. Thank you for all you do!”

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