This month we have the privilege of recognizing an amazing group of Cedar Haven team-members, who go above and beyond in carrying out their daily duties. Thanks to our committed team, 2018 was a tremendous year for Cedar Haven (click to read our review of the year’s successes). Please join us in thanking these award winners, whose dedication to excellence helped us to achieve 100% deficiency-free status on care related issues this year as well as record levels of resident satisfaction.

Our Cedar Haven community, which is made up of administrators, supervisors, co-workers, residents, and family members, submitted many nominations for these recognition awards. Please consider who you might like to nominate and make your nomination at the building. Please also join us in thanking these individuals for their commitment to caring for the residents at Cedar Haven with compassion and excellence.

December Employee of the Month Award Winners

Ashley Maldonado, CNA

“Very good work ethic!”Ashley is a hard worker and she is very helpful.
“Ashley is a hardworking CNA. She cares for fellow coworkers when they need time off. She is versatile and willing to work a variety of floors. The residents respond well to her. Ashley is going to school for her LPN and will make a fantastic nurse.”
“She works hard while making the residents happy. Always on time and cooperative.”
“She is a very hard worker and works well with others. She is very helpful when someone needs it.”
“Ashley is very hard working and very caring towards the residents. She has pride in her job and that shows with the care she gives the residents.”
“Ashley is goal orientated, compassionate, reliable funny, inspiring and very hard working. If any deserves recognition, its this girl. She’s also a great mother, goes to school full time and genuinely cares about the residents, her coworkers, Cedar Haven and its future.”

Jeanette Turner

“Jeanette encouraged me to work at Cedar Haven.”
“I believe that she took the time to truly explain the ins and outs of how the floor runs. I didn’t feel lost or nervous because she answered every question I had with no problems. That type of person makes this place great!”
“I nominate Jeanette Turner simply because she is a hard-working and outstanding worker/coworker.”

Luis Suriel, CNA

“Luis is very flexible with helping on the unit and other staff. Even assists the nurse without being asked.”
“He is always hard working, willing to help and good with the residents.”
“Luis is a model employee! His sincerity is so true and genuine. He is so kind, caring and compassionate towards the residents and his fellow coworkers. Luis is very respectful and is an outstanding CNA! He sets a fantastic example for all! I appreciate his hard work and dedication here at Cedar Haven! Great work Luis!!”

Quarterly Recognition Award Winners

Iluminada Reyes-Mancebo, CNA

“Iluminada brings so much positive energy to Cedar Haven. She always comes into work with a smile. She is a ray of sunshine! She is a great coworker and is outstanding with the residents! She is genuinely so thankful and grateful to be a part of the Cedar Haven team. Iluminada is a positive role model to others. She is an exemplary employee! *Great job and thank you Iluminada!*”
“While working during the evening, Iluminada grabbed an empty basket and put snacks inside it and went room to room offering every resident a snack. She also took drinks and offered fluids. It warmed my heart and made the residents smile.”

Isaiah Negron

“Isaiah is a team player! Isaiah is awesome with the residents. Isaiah can turn a frown into a smile. He’s always cheerful, upbeat and 1st in line to lend a hand.”
“Isaiah always helps others.”
“Isaiah is very reliable, and all the residents love him. He is very helpful with coworkers.”
“Very reliable and all the residents love him. Very helpful with coworkers.”
“Very caring towards the residents, has fun with them and moves them. Isaiah always has a professional attitude and gets his job done.”
“He is a hard worker. He helps me when I need a spot. He always asks if I need help. He is very kind to the residents.”

Imelda Zahn

“Imelda helps nurses and aides if she sees someone needs help.”
“Imelda ensures all nurses are comfortable. She assesses residents thoroughly, helps other supervisors and works as a team. She is truly an asset to Cedar Haven and the nursing team. Thank you, Imelda!”

Georgette Sutton

“She is always helping when needed.”
“She helps a lot. She does a lot of work for revisions and orders and does a great job on them.”
“Georgette goes above and beyond helping us with new admissions and hospital return orders. She is always willing to help and stay late if needed to ensure the order get completed. She is meticulous going over orders for revisions and making corrections when needed.”
“She does a great job with the revision orders and admission orders. She thoroughly checks orders and catches mistakes or omissions and fixes them. She helps the supervisors when needed if she is able. A great asset to Cedar Haven!”
“Very helpful and kind. She is always able to help me when needed.”
“Always helps with paperwork and computer problems.”
“She is a very hard worker. She is willing to help anyone.”
“She always goes above and beyond her duties. She will help when needed. I’ve called her many times regarding order questions and she has been very helpful.”
“She helps the nurses with things on the unit. Georgette is a terrific team player.”
“Georgette is very thorough in her work as a Revision nurse. She is very helpful in the nursing office. On days with numerous admissions and a few hospitalizations, she takes it in stride and does an excellent job.”

Lydia Villafane

“Lydia is a great nurse, always encourages us to do better!”
“I nominate her because she always makes sure the floor is under control. She always worries so much about the residents’ comfort.”
“Dedication and willing to help others. She is always willing to learn new things. She is always early for her shift.”

Iris Cedeno

“She’s a hard worker and compassionate. She helps when you ask. She’s always great with the residents!”
“Iris is a great worker! I’m happy to be her coworker. She works hard. She’s always helping others.”

Lisa Royer

“Lisa is a great asset to this facility. She is very caring, compassionate and goes above and beyond to provide the best care for our residents. Our resident love her and appreciate all she does for them.”
“She is a good worker. She is always there when you need help. She works hard. She is always good to the residents.”
“She is a great worker and she’s always helping others. She is funny to work with. She works hard and is good to the residents.”
“Lisa is a hard worker. She helps anyone who need help. She is great with the residents!”

Yanilka Sugeily Castillo

“Yanilka went from table to table to help with the requests of so many residents. She has so much compassion!”

“She was able to retrieve a resident’s tray in a timely manner. She is very friendly and sweet to the residents and guests. She is a great asset to Cedar Haven!”

Bradley Sics

“Brad is an asset here at Cedar Haven. He helps in so many ways and helps in other departments too! Brad is always on the go and never complains. Whenever you need something done, Brad is always right on top of it! His hard work and dedication are appreciated and sets a great example to others. Thanks for everything you do!”

“Brad works hard to always get his work done and not leave any work for the next guy. He always asks to help coworkers if he has a few free minutes. He volunteered to work extra hours in the kitchen to help the new vendor. He never complains about what tasks he is given.

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