Last week at Cedar Haven, our newest group of Nursing Assistant Training (NAT) Program students successful graduated from our in-house CNA training program. We are proud of the students and their hard work completing this course. From all of us at Cedar Haven, congratulations on your graduation and on taking this exciting step in your career! Thank you for choosing a profession that makes such a difference in the lives of our residents.

Are you interested in being certified as a CNA and starting your healthcare career? Please consider applying to join us as a Hospitality Aide so that you can become oriented to our facility while you assist our CNAs with appropriate tasks and get to know our residents. This is a great way to set our Nursing Assistant Trainees up for success before their coursework begins. We love introducing our Hospitality Aides to this wonderful career option with lots of room for future growth. We are now seeking applicants to enter this pathway for certification and join us in time for our next class. Learn more and apply for the Hospitality Aide (Pathway to CNA Certification) position on our jobs page!

Testimonials from Graduates:

I think the class was very fun and a good experience! Lindsay

The class was fun and I’m thankful that I was a part of it! Aliciana

I enjoyed the class. Misty and Pat are great teachers and know how to make the most out of every day! Melayna

I loved the class, and it was very fun! Bella

The NAT class was a lot of fun and very helpful! The instructors work with you in every way to help you succeed. Bri

This has been a great experience. I am honored and happy to have gone through this course. Thank you for everything! Joyce

The NAT class was such a fun experience! I’ve learned so much, by the best teachers! Truly an amazing experience with the best class. Brin

Best teachers ever! Keep up the amazing work! Ashley


Interested in applying for the Hospitality Aide position or another open position at Cedar Haven Healthcare Center? Click the button below:

*Sign-On Bonuses of $2000 for CNAs and $5000 for LPNs for a limited time!*


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