At Cedar Haven, our recent cohort of Nursing Assistant Training (NAT) Program students have successfully concluded their in-house CNA training program, marking a significant milestone in their healthcare journeys. Under the guidance of our skilled instructors, they gained invaluable knowledge on assisting residents with day-to-day activities. On behalf of the entire Cedar Haven team, we extend our heartfelt congratulations on your graduation and this exhilarating accomplishment! We have complete confidence that you will derive immense fulfillment from enhancing the quality of life for our residents in this purposeful and gratifying profession.

Cedar Haven now offers a new pathway for CNA certification. The initial requirement is to apply as a Hospitality Aide, which allows you to familiarize yourself with our facility, support CNAs with tasks, and engage with our residents. This opportunity ensures a strong foundation for Nursing Assistant Trainees before their coursework commences. We are excited to introduce future growth prospects within this remarkable career option. For additional details and to apply for the Hospitality Aide (Pathway to CNA Certification) position, please visit our jobs page!

Testimonials from Graduates:

“I enjoyed the class completely. Misty and Pat were wonderful instructors. I would recommend the class to future CNAs. Thank you Cedar Haven for the opportunity.”
– Samantha

“The class was very good with lots of helpful resources. Teachers are pleasant, respectful, and very helpful. The teachers encourage and push us so we pass.”
– Kendra

“I truly enjoyed the CNA program and my teacher. I appreciate the way they teach. I learned everything that I needed to succeed in class. I would recommend it to anyone. Thank you so much Cedar Haven.”
– Ramon

“The class was well and very enjoyable. The teachers were very helpful and kind.”
– Heaven

“The NAT class was great!”
– Maribel

“It was an honor to be in the class. I like how quickly it went and how the instructors took their time with us. The class was easy and smooth. Thank you!”
– Flordalisa


Interested in applying for the Hospitality Aide position or another open position at Cedar Haven Healthcare Center? Click the button below:

*Sign-On Bonuses of $2000 for CNAs and $5000 for LPNs for a limited time!*


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