Daily COVID cases update for 11/5-11/22

Cedar Haven Residents (# of COVID-19 Positive Cases New on this date)0
Cedar Haven Staff (#of COVID-19 Positive Cases New on this date)1


Family Video CallsOngoing
Family Visitation except for rare exposure scenariosOngoing
Family Visitation for end-of-life care residentsOngoing
Telehealth Appointments for Specialist EventsOngoing

(Last updated 11/22/21)


Based on current guidance and best practices, we are no longer reporting floor color statuses but instead are monitoring individual exposure and notifying families on an individual basis as needed. Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding. Even though family visitation is open, we are still offering family video calls for out-of-state family members or others who may benefit from this service. You can request a video call appointment by visiting https://cedarhaven.healthcare/video 


Visitation throughout the facility has resumed and is ongoing except for rare scenarios based on exposure and new PA guidelines, in which case those families have already been notified. Our new COVID staff cases have largely occurred in ancillary departments rather than in nursing. Thank you for your ongoing patience and understanding.


We would like to thank our dietary team for their creative thinking and responses to continued supply-chain issues during this pandemic that can from time-to-time cause menu changes at our facility. Thank you also to our residents and families for understanding when our menu does need to be adjusted at times. We appreciate everyone’s ongoing flexibility and understanding as we work together to keep our residents safe and smiling despite the challenges that arise.


The county positivity rate for COVID-19 continues to be high, which poses a challenge for skilled nursing buildings in our area. On Tuesday, one Cedar Haven staff-member tested positive for COVID-19 and today two of our residents and one staff member received positive test results. Calls are currently underway to notify families that per national guidelines visitation must be paused until at least October 1st due to COVID-19 cases in multiple areas of our facility. Thank you for your understanding and patience.


Visitation to green floors has resumed.


We need to pause visitation to green floors today due to an exposure event. We will assess a reopening date once we are able to test all residents tomorrow, 9/13/21. Thank you for your understanding and patience.


We are pleased to announce that as of 9/3/21, residents residing on our green floors will once again be able to receive visitors, including hospice team-members, social workers and chaplains. Residents residing on 1F who have completed their 14 day quarantine or who are fully vaccinated may meet with visitors in the designated dining room area. We project that 1C will change to “green” on September 8th, at which point residents on that floor would also be able to resume full visitation activity. Please review our visitation requirements and regulations (see below) and remember that adherence to these guidelines is necessary for the protection of our residents and team. Complying with the guidelines helps us reduce the possibility of future cases and therefore helps us remain open for visits. Thank you in advance for your compliance and support—we look forward to seeing you in the building again soon!



Visitation to green floors is now projected to resume on September 3rd.


Out of an abundance of caution and in adherence to current guidelines and recommendations, visitation to green floors at our facility is currently paused and is projected to resume on August 21. Telemedicine is encouraged and visitation via Family Video Call is available. Please continue to request your family call at https://cedarhaven.healthcare/video/ and view daily COVID updates on this page. Thank you for your understanding.


COVID-19 positivity rates in Lebanon County have increased slightly and we have ramped up our in-house testing efforts due to the exposure event that occurred last week (see below). At this time, we do have a suspected COVID case amongst our resident population and will update this page as soon as the test results we are currently awaiting are received. Thank you for your ongoing support as we seek to diligently maintain best practices for the wellbeing of our residents.


We are thankful for the ongoing efforts of our exceptional staff this summer and the joyful reunions we have enjoyed with family and friends since reopening. Many thanks to Emily Enright and our dietary team for the fresh and creative ideas they have whipped up this summer for our enjoyment, including Olympic and Baseball themed treats (click to see photos from the Tokyo Olympics celebration on our blog). Unfortunately, today we were notified that a healthcare worker who recently worked on 2F and 1C tested positive for COVID-19. We have already tested all Cedar Haven residents– thankfully, all tests are negative for COVID-19. The status of 2F and 1C has been updated to yellow and visitation to these floors can begin again on August 12th. Thank you for your understanding and support.


Dear Cedar Haven families and friends,

Lebanon County is continuing to see a decrease in COVID-19 cases and our vaccination rates are rising. This is great news for Cedar Haven and our community. In light of these improvements, we are pleased to share updated guidelines for visitation in accordance with current CMS guidance.

Beginning Thursday, 6/17/2021, Cedar Haven Healthcare Center’s COVID-19 visitation restrictions will be lifted. Family members may visit at any time between the hours of 8am and 8pm without an appointment and may visit in the resident room as a separate visitation room is no longer required. Visits may be requested outside of those visiting hours but require approval by our Administrator, Director of Nursing, Unit Manager, or Nursing Supervisor.

Please review the following guidelines:

  • Outdoor visitation is the preferred method of visitation. Whenever possible, based on resident preference and health status, your visit should take place outside.
  • Indoor visits in the resident’s room are restricted to no more than 2 visitors at a time. If more than 2 people wish to visit with a resident at once, we ask that you plan on having your visit outside OR call administration in advance to reserve an appropriate room.
  • Residents in our quarantine unit (YELLOW ZONE) are not permitted visitation, unless their care needs warrant a Compassionate Care Visit, until their 14-day quarantine is completed. Compassionate Care Visits are evaluated on a case-by-case basis and require approval and scheduling with the Unit Manager, Infection Control Nurse or Director of Nursing.
  • Any COVID-19 positive resident in any RED ZONE is prohibited visitation.
  • Children 2-18 years of age will count in the number of visitors therefore when visiting with children please abide by the 2-visitor maximum for in room visitation.
  • Children under the age of 2 are not permitted entry to the building. Please plan on an outdoor visit if you are bringing children under the age of 2.
  • Though mask mandates have been lifted in some areas of the community, we still have mask mandates in our facility. You must wear a mask when walking through our hallways and lobby areas and when communicating with our staff or residents that are not your family member. You will also be expected to always maintain social distance from staff and other residents during your visit.
  • If you are fully vaccinated, you may remove your mask once in your loved one’s room but you must put it back on until you exit the facility.
  • If you are not vaccinated or if you are visiting a resident that is not vaccinated, you will be required to wear full PPE throughout your visit if you wish to visit within the facility. If you are visiting outside, this does not apply.
  • We ask that you please provide us with a copy of your vaccine card for our records. If you are not vaccinated, do not have proof of vaccination or are unwilling to show proof of vaccination you will need to wear full PPE throughout your visit.
  • All visitors will still be subject to completing a screening process upon entry. We will not grant entry to anyone experiencing sign or symptoms of COVID-19 or anyone who has had close contact with someone with COVID-19 infection in the last 14 days.
  • We ask that visitors do not linger in hallways or go to undesignated areas of the building. Please go directly to your loved one’s room and do not visit other residents other than your loved one.

We are excited to welcome you back into the facility and look forward to the enjoyment these visits will bring to our residents. Thank you for your patience during this time and for adhering to the new guidelines that will continue to keep our residents safe and smiling. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


Cedar Haven Management

Cedar Haven Visitation Rules (updated as of 3/15/21):

  1. Visitation is by appointment only. Please request a visitation appointment by calling 717-454-8754 and leaving a message. Please note, your request must be confirmed by a Cedar Haven staff member, who will contact you as soon as possible to confirm your appointment.
  2. Based on new guidance from CMS which was published on March 10, 2021, Resident visits are allowed if the Resident resides on a floor with no current COVID cases. Please note the floor statuses in our daily COVID update. Additionally, resident and visitor physical contact is now permitted if the resident is fully vaccinated and the visitor is adhering to all of Cedar Haven’s COVID policies, such as wearing a mask or face covering. If the resident is not fully vaccinated, resident and visitor physical contact is not permitted and social distancing of 6 feet is required. Regardless of vaccination status, a face mask must be worn at all times based on CMS guidelines.
  3. Please note that no food or drinks are permitted in the visiting area.
  4. Please stay seated, do not stand up during your visit.
  5. Children under 2 years of age are not permitted to visit at this time. Children over 2 years of age must wear a mask and be properly managed by an adult visitor. Children must also maintain strict social distancing (6 feet).
  6. Please follow all instructions given by the Cedar Haven Visitor Monitor. Failure to follow instructions and adhere to the core principles of COVID-19 infection control will result in being directed to leave the visit.
  7. Your 30-minute visit appointment will be timed due to the need to facilitate visits for many of our residents and appropriately clean the visitation area in a timely fashion. Please cooperate and finish your visit when you are instructed to do so.
  8. Visitation will occur in designated visit areas except for when residents receiving end-of-life hospice care require that a visit take place in their room.

You may access our full reopening plan here: Cedar Haven Reopening Plan

We are grateful that COVID rates in Lebanon County are continuing to decline and that vaccination rates of over 75% among our resident population are offering another measure of protection for our community at Cedar Haven. We are also pleased to announce that CMS recently changed its guidance and recommendations regarding visitation in Skilled Nursing Facilities. Any residents who reside on a floor without active cases of COVID-19 will now be able to accept visits from loved ones in our designated chapel visitation area. We applaud CMS for making this decision, which will no doubt improve the wellbeing and happiness of our residents and their families. In accordance with these changed regulations and in order to facilitate these visits in a safe manner, we must require that all visitors adhere to the core principles of COVID-19 prevention. Please understand that if you are asked to wear a mask or to social distance during the visit based on the updated guidelines and current circumstances (including the vaccination status of the individual resident), this is in the best interest of the residents and our team.

We will schedule visits to occur Monday through Friday between the hours of 9am and 3pm. We are working on plans to accommodate Saturday visits in the near future. We will begin accepting visitation requests on Monday, March 15th for visits occurring between March 16th and March 31st– Please call 717-454-8754 to make your request. On March 29th, additional dates for the following two weeks will become available for reservation and request.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we work to facilitate these visits in the safest manner possible for the benefit of our residents. We can’t wait to see you all at the facility soon!

In health,

Cedar Haven Management


COVID Vaccine Update

The highly-celebrated COVID-19 vaccine was first administered to Cedar Haven Healthcare Center residents and staff in late December. We are greatly appreciative that Cedar Haven was given the opportunity to receive the vaccine early on in the roll-out to skilled nursing facilities in our region. We view the widespread vaccination of our facility to be an important part of our COVID-response and protective plan for our residents and team. We are thrilled to report that nearly 90% of our resident population opted to receive the vaccine and many of our staff members opted to receive it as well.  During extensive clinical trials, this vaccine was proven to be 95% effective at preventing COVID-19 illness among recipients—which offers a wonderful protective measure for our community. You can learn more about the clearly demonstrated effectiveness and safety of this remarkable vaccine on the CDC website or on our vaccine information page.

We are continuing to post our daily information regarding new COVID cases and floor statuses, which can now be accessed above. Please refresh the page if you are not seeing up-to-date information.  At Cedar Haven, we are continuing to host daily video calls that connect our residents with their loved ones on a regular basis. We have now hosted over 2,000 family video calls. We are optimistic that the rigorous infection control procedures and high-vaccination rate at our facility will lead to increased success in protecting our facility from the impact of COVID in 2021. We are eager to allow resident visitation again as soon as it is allowed based on the guidelines and recommendations that are designed to keep our residents and team safe. From all of us at Cedar Haven, we are greatly looking forward to being able to welcome families and loved ones back into the building in a safe manner. Thank you all for your continued patience and understanding as we make these important strides forward.

Cedar Haven continues to be a remarkable choice for skilled nursing care and short-term rehabilitation in our area. Please reach out to our admissions team at 717-274-0421 if you are interested in learning more about the therapeutic services and the round-the-clock compassionate care that we provide for our residents.

Welcome to Cedar Haven!

Thank you for visiting the Cedar Haven blog. Please contact us with your questions or visit our jobs page to learn more about career opportunities at our facility.

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