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(Last updated 1/22/21 8:30am EST)

DECEMBER 30, 2020

The highly-celebrated COVID-19 vaccine was administered to Cedar Haven Healthcare Center yesterday for our residents and staff. We are greatly appreciative that Cedar Haven was given the opportunity to receive the vaccine early on in the roll-out to skilled nursing facilities in our region. We view the widespread vaccination of our facility to be an important part of our COVID-response and protective plan for our residents and team. We are thrilled to report that nearly 90% of our resident population opted to receive the vaccine and many of our staff members opted to receive it as well. There will be another opportunity for our residents and staff who have not yet done so to receive the first shot next week. During extensive clinical trials, this vaccine was proven to be 95% effective at preventing COVID-19 illness among recipients—which offers a wonderful protective measure for our community. You can learn more about the clearly demonstrated effectiveness and safety of this remarkable vaccine on the CDC website or on our vaccine information page.

We have not had a positive case of COVID-19 among our residents for nearly three weeks. At Cedar Haven, we are continuing to host daily video calls that connect our residents with their loved ones on a regular basis. We are optimistic that the rigorous infection control procedures and high-vaccination rate at our facility will lead to increased success in protecting our facility from the impact of COVID in 2021. We are eager to allow resident visitation again as soon as it is allowed based on the guidelines and recommendations that are designed to keep our residents and team safe. From all of us at Cedar Haven, we are greatly looking forward to being able to welcome families and loved ones back into the building in a safe manner. Thank you all for your continued patience and understanding as we make these important strides forward.

Cedar Haven continues to be a remarkable choice for skilled nursing care and short-term rehabilitation in our area. Please reach out to our admissions team at 717-274-0421 if you are interested in learning more about the therapeutic services and the round-the-clock compassionate care that we provide for our residents.

DECEMBER 23, 2020

Today we celebrate the fact that we have not had a positive case of COVID-19 amongst our residents for the past two weeks. It has certainly been a unique and white Christmas season at Cedar Haven! Even though this holiday season has been different than in years past, cheerful smiles and festive outfits continue to be spotted throughout the facility. We received several rounds of good news recently, including the announcement that the highly-anticipated arrival of the COVID-19 vaccine will occur at our facility on December 28th. We are thankful that our local hospital and facilities like Cedar Haven have been prioritized for this protective measure and are looking forward to the impact this incredible achievement will have on health and wellness in our area. This is a very positive way to ring in the new year and we are thankful for the hard work of so many that has made this vaccine available for our community. All of us at Cedar Haven want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy and Healthy New Year, with all the hope and promise that comes with a fresh start of a new calendar year.

DECEMBER 2, 2020

UPDATED at 12:45pm with 12/1/2020 report

It has been a challenging year for many of us in Central Pennsylvania but this Thanksgiving we still were able to find many reasons to give thanks. Across the country, healthcare heroes have pressed on in providing great care because of their admirable dedication. Please join us in thanking our own team at Cedar Haven for their remarkable hard work and commitment to care.

On 11/30/20 we became aware of three new resident cases of COVID-19 and three new staff cases. We are now posting our daily COVID cases in a new format, which will be available each day at this link: Daily COVID-19 Cases Report. Please keep in mind that cases are reported on the day on which test results are received. On the 1st of each month, we will make a monthly summary available in a similar format. Our team continues to do an excellent job minimizing spread of the virus throughout the building through by utilizing our quarantine area and infection control protocol effectively. We are very pleased to announce that Kris Hayle, BSN, RN, recently stepped into the role of Director of Infection Control for our facility and has done a terrific job managing testing and infection control in partnership with our clinical and administrative teams.

We also wanted to share with you the positive news that a CDC panel has formally given first priority for the COVID-19 vaccine to long-term care residents and workers. This is incredibly encouraging news for Cedar Haven and skilled nursing centers across the country, especially in light of how effective the vaccine has proved to be. We will share more specific information about the vaccine as it becomes available, but we are optimistic and anticipate availability for our community in less than two weeks. In the meantime, we are encouraging our residents, family members, and loved ones to continue to utilize the video call technology that we have made available for ongoing, safe virtual visits. Beginning December 19th, video visits will also be available on Saturdays by appointment. You may request your video call visit here.

Despite the new normal we find ourselves in as we prepare for the upcoming holiday season, our team is busy planning some fun events for December. While we can’t all get together like we have in the past, we are trying to make things festive and fun for our residents and team. We will have our holiday dress down weeks, so the halls will once again be decked with smiling faces in Christmas garb. Ugly Sweater Day will also return this year, which is always fun for all. From all of us at Cedar Haven, we wish you and yours a healthy and happy start to December.

NOVEMBER 20, 2020

Our county, commonwealth, and nation are all continuing to see a historic surge in COVID cases. We conducted our latest mandatory COVID testing of all residents and staff on Monday and have also continued to use our own rapid testing system. In light of this week’s tests, we are now aware of five new positive resident cases of COVID on 3F and four resident cases on 2F. Whether or not these individuals were symptomatic, these residents were all transferred to rooms on our specialized quarantine unit. We are also aware of two new positive cases among our staff and two cases among agency workers. Additionally, a few other team members are self-isolating as a precaution due to possible exposure. 

Our team is continuing to band together in a remarkable way in order to provide compassionate care for our residents around the clock. We were thankful to hear positive reports this week about the success rates of the new COVID vaccines and preparations for prioritizing distribution to vulnerable Americans and the healthcare workers who are serving them across the nation. Thank you for your continued support and for joining us in applauding and thanking our team for their heroic efforts. 

NOVEMBER 12, 2020

Updated 6:45pm EST

We conducted widespread testing on Monday and have received the results. This round of testing revealed that 34 of our residents are newly positive with COVID-19. Thankfully, as of mid-day today, 26 of these positive residents were asymptomatic. Newly positive residents reside on 4F, 2C, 2F, and 3F. 4F is now considered a red zone. Five staff members are newly positive as well. In light of this news, our team has been working incredibly hard to communicate with all impacted resident families and responsible parties. 

This week has been challenging here and across the country, but we are confident in our team’s ability to provide high-quality care and specialized disinfecting/cleaning services during this spike in COVID-19 activity. We have prepared a detailed schedule and COVID-response plan for providing care over the next two weeks. This plan ensures that needs will be met appropriately even when some of our staff are required to self-isolate or quarantine. This achievement could not be possible without the flexibility and dedication of our remarkable team. We are extremely thankful for our staff’s commitment to caring for our residents with excellence during this period. We also want to thank our resident families and loved ones for your ongoing patience and understanding concerning our visitation requirements during this time. Please continue to visit this webpage for additional updates and news.

NOVEMBER 6, 2020

We have received confirmation of two new resident cases of COVID-19 since our last update on Wednesday evening. One resident was residing on 3F and one resident was on 2D when they tested positive. Both residents have been moved to 1D, our dedicated quarantine unit. One additional staff member has also tested positive for COVID-19 and is self-isolating. Thank you for visiting this webpage for an update– we will continue to add new information here as it becomes available.

NOVEMBER 4, 2020


The Pennsylvania Department of Health announced an additional 2,795 positive cases of COVID-19 today and noted that daily increases in our state are the highest seen since the beginning of the pandemic. Since our last update, Cedar Haven conducted another round of house-wide testing and can now report that 21 additional residents are positive with COVID-19. These residents reside on 3F, 2D, and 4F. The three current cases on 4F mark the first instances of the virus on that floor. Additionally, eight of our staff members have also tested positive for the illness caused by the coronavirus. Our team is working incredibly hard to prevent further spread by employing strict isolation, cleaning, disinfecting, and PPE protocols. We are thankful for the continued direct guidance and help from epidemiologists and state experts. We want to thank you all for your ongoing patience, support and understanding during this challenging time.

OCTOBER 30, 2020


Yesterday we received the news that 13 additional residents have tested positive for COVID-19. Five of these residents reside on 3F and eight reside on 2D. Today we learned that 2 more residents from 2D have tested positive. Our team transported positive residents to our designated “red zone” in order to prevent further spread of the virus. Yesterday evening we received confirmation of another staff member case of COVID-19 and today we learned of two other staff members who are positive.

We know that this time must also be incredibly difficult for family members and loved ones who desire to visit in person. We thank you for your patience and want to ensure you that our team is doing a remarkable job caring for your loved ones with compassion and excellence. Please join us in recognizing their efforts.

OCTOBER 28, 2020


On Monday we once again conducted mandatory COVID testing for all staff. Since our last website update, 7 additional staff members and 13 residents have tested positive for COVID-19—2 residents were residing on 3F and 11 were residing on 2D. All positive residents have been moved to our quarantine unit (1D) where they are receiving specialized care and attention from a dedicated team.

Thankfully, 11 residents who have recently recovered while in quarantine may be cleared to return to their rooms elsewhere in the building very soon. We are continuing to communicate directly with the family members of impacted residents. As those affected families have already been made aware, four Cedar Haven residents have ultimately passed away after contracting the illness caused by Coronavirus this month. Our team would like to send our heart-felt condolences to their families and loved ones during this time.

Our remarkable team continues to tirelessly demonstrate their dedication to our residents through thick and thin. We applaud them and offer our sincere thanks for all they do every day to care for the residents at Cedar Haven with excellence and compassion. We are also grateful for the ongoing robust efforts of outside experts who have been assisting our facility this month in order to mitigate further spread. They have assisted with PPE supply, fitting, and training; additional disinfecting and cleaning; and widespread testing, among other important initiatives. It has not been necessary to utilize our second available quarantine area at this time but we are continuing to reserve it for future use in case that proves to be necessary.

Please continue to check back here on our website for additional updates. Thank you.

October 23, 2020


As we announced previously, we held mandatory COVID testing for all staff on Wednesday of this week. Now that all of the testing results have been received, we have learned that an additional 20 staff-members are positive for the virus. 10 of the 20 staff members who tested positive (50%) are now symptomatic. Thankfully, we have no new cases of COVID-19 among our resident population and have not yet had a need to utilize the second quarantine unit. Our next mandatory staff test for our entire team will take place on Monday, October 26th. We will continue to post updates as we become aware of new information and appreciate your ongoing patience and understanding. Our team continues to demonstrate a high-level of dedication and commitment to care despite these circumstances and we applaud their resiliency and hard work.


Yesterday three additional staff members tested positive for COVID-19. These individuals are self-isolating at home. 65% of residents and 7% of staff who have tested positive for COVID-19 this month are asymptomatic. In addition to the isolation unit which we have employed since the beginning of the pandemic for new admissions, our team has prepared a second area which can be used for quarantining residents should it be needed. The support of outside experts and the dedication of our remarkable team has allowed us to continue providing excellent care despite the current impact of COVID on the facility. 

Please keep in mind that the reopening date for in-person visits will now be November 6th or later, pending any more positive cases in our community, in accordance with mandatory guidelines for long-term care facilities.

Please continue to visit this webpage, where we will continue to post updates as new cases or changes in status occur. Thank you for your ongoing support.

October 21, 2020

This week, the 7-day trailing average of new COVID-19 cases in Lebanon County has continued to rise to the highest numbers seen thus far in our area. We held another mandatory testing event for all staff on Wednesday, October 20th. Since our last update, five additional staff members have tested positive for COVID-19. Four are symptomatic and one is asymptomatic.

Today we also retested residents and learned that thirteen additional 1D residents who had previously tested negative for COVID-19 are now positive. These residents remain cohorted on 1D, which was already deemed a “red” floor due to the cases that have recently occurred there. Our team continues to communicate directly with the families of affected individuals and is doing a remarkable job employing best practices to mitigate further spread of the virus. Please join us in thanking them for their ongoing dedication to providing high-quality care through this challenging time.

We will continue to update our website when we learn of additional new cases or status changes.

October 19, 2020

As you are likely aware, Lebanon County is currently experiencing an increase in COVID-19 cases. We have completed several extensive rounds of rapid testing at our facility since last Wednesday. Through this widespread testing, we found that three Cedar Haven staff members are positive and one agency worker who had worked at Cedar Haven is also positive. Most notably, after multiple months of no positive cases amongst our resident population, we have confirmed that 15 of our 1D residents are positive with COVID-19. One additional resident tested positive after finishing a two-week mandatory quarantine on 1D and matriculating back to 3F. Upon testing positive for COVID-19, that resident was moved back to 1D, where positive residents are cohorted and isolated behind a plastic wall divider that separates them from residents on that floor who received negative test results. Only four of the 16 positive residents are symptomatic—the remaining 12 residents are asymptomatic at this time.

We are thankful for the involvement of local and state experts and consultants who are providing specialized assistance and insight as we manage the impact of coronavirus upon our facility. We continue to follow the required guidelines regarding reopening for in-person visitations and will update our website with an expected reopening date once that is determined (this date will be set for two weeks after the last known case of COVID amongst our staff and residents, therefore it will not be prior to November 1st with the exception of end-of-life compassionate care situations).

Our team has been working very hard to communicate directly with the families of residents who have tested positive for COVID-19. We appreciate your ongoing support and understanding of our remarkable and dedicated team of healthcare heroes during this time. The commitment of our team and resilience of our resident community is an inspiration to us all.

We have created a number of new career opportunities with unique scheduling options for nursing team-members in light of the impact coronavirus is having on Central Pennsylvania. We are currently recruiting RNs, LPNs, and CNAs for both Baylor positions (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 12 hour shifts) as well as unique Monday through Friday positions. Interested individuals can learn more about these positions and nursing sign-on bonuses up to $10,000 for eligible candidates on our careers page at

October 12, 2020

We have several updates to share with you regarding our efforts to limit the spread of coronavirus within Cedar Haven. An ancillary staff member who was working with 1D became symptomatic at the end of last week. This staff member received positive test results for COVID-19 on Sunday and has been self-isolating. This morning we also received positive in-house test results for 2 other staff members, both of whom work in our nursing department for 1D. Thankfully, no residents have tested positive since mid-summer.

As we continue to follow DoH guidance closely, these new cases amongst our team necessitate that we push back our in-person visitation reopening once again.

This Wednesday we plan to test all staff members in accordance with national and state guidelines and requirements. Once we learn the results of those tests, we will update our visitation reopening plan on the website with a new estimated date of reopening. Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding and we strive to maintain the safest living environment possible for our community.

October 6, 2020 UPDATED at 2:45PM EST

Yesterday (10/5), an additional staff-member tested positive for COVID-19 after being exposed outside of Cedar Haven. This individual was asymptomatic on their last day of work (10/1/20) and is currently self-isolating. All of the other staff members in the impacted department have been tested. Because of the positive staff test which was received on October 1, 2020, there are no additional changes to our yellow status protocol to report. We continue to follow the guidance and protocol of the DOH. We appreciate the ongoing support and appreciation of our community and our residents’ families.

2:45pm EST

Our visitation reopening date is now set to 10/15/2020, barring any new cases of COVID-19 among our residents or staff. We will continue to update you about any changes to our status or reopening date. While you wait for in-person visits to safely resume, please consider requesting a video call by using our Resident Care Connection Request Form. Thank you.

October 2, 2020

In light of the one positive staff test that was received yesterday, Cedar Haven has completed COVID-19 testing on all 1D residents and staff. We are very thankful to report that all of the tests are negative for COVID-19. We are continuing to monitor the situation closely and follow the recommended protocol. Thank you for your ongoing support of our remarkable team.

October 1, 2020

Today one of our staff members tested positive for COVID-19. This is the first positive case at our facility in over 2.5 months. This staff member last worked on Sunday, September 27th on 1D and is currently in self-isolation. As a result of this news, our administrative and clinical teams immediately worked with the DOH to initiate necessary plans to protect our residents and team. Unfortunately, all in-person visits that have been scheduled for the next two weeks will need to be cancelled for the time being in accordance with the DOH recommendations. Our staff is in the process of notifying families affected by this protective measure. Additionally, all residents who resided on 1D for any time during the last 14 days will now begin a 2 week quarantine (which begins as of September 27th, which is designated as “day 0” per the guidance). Housekeeping will complete a deep cleaning of 1D. 1D will be staffed by a dedicated team of scheduled staff in order to protect residents in other areas of the building from potential exposure and cross-contamination. Our Central Supply department has been prepared for an event of this kind and has distributed the appropriate PPE to 1D staff.

We will update this page again with additional information as any change in status or update becomes available. Thank you for your ongoing support.

September 26, 2020

We are thankful that Cedar Haven has continued to remain COVID-free for some time. It has been over 2.5 months since we have had a case of COVID-19 at our facility. On behalf of the management team, we would like to extend our heart-felt thanks and immense appreciation for our team’s hard work and dedication at Cedar Haven during this prolonged pandemic. Please join us in thanking them and congratulating them on their valuable contributions to resident safety, wellbeing, and happiness at Cedar Haven during this period.


Cedar Haven has invested in a rapid-testing system that will improve testing time and we are currently training our staff on how to use this new tool.  During the month of September, we enjoyed more themed days designed for our residents’ and team’s enjoyment—including Baseball day, Football day, and even a “Red” themed day complete with an entire menu of red food items. Our creative team is cooking up some other ideas to keep fall fun and festive. We are maintaining strict infection control procedures and measures in order to continue protecting our residents and team.

Our in-person visitations for “Green Floors” have begun and have been successful. It has been a joy to reconnect many residents with their loved ones in-person in a safe manner. These offerings will expand to include Saturday appointment times beginning on October 3rd. You can continue to review the visitation guidelines and request a visit appointment on our website at (the form has been updated to include an option for requesting a Saturday appointment). Additionally, video calls can still be requested as part of our ongoing Resident Care Connection program by visiting Unfortunately, residents currently residing on 1D are still not able to accept in-person visitors at this time due to the “Yellow status” of their floor, where residents isolate for a period of time after admission from the hospital or an outside medical appointment. All other floors are considered “Green” at this time.

Thank you all for your continued understanding and adherence to the critical protocols that are meant to maintain the safety of our residents. From all of us at Cedar Haven, we wish you a healthy and happy Fall filled with your favorite parts of the season.

August 27, 2020 

We are thankful to report that we still do not have any positive cases of COVID-19 among our resident population. One resident was recently tested and the test results were negative for COVID-19.

Cedar Haven is also pleased to announce that visitation is reopening for residents residing on “Green status” floors. Unfortunately, residents currently residing on 1D are still not able to accept visitors at this time due to the “Yellow status” of this floor, where residents isolate for a period of time after admission from the hospital or an outside medical appointment. All other floors are considered “Green” at this time and will now be able to accommodate visitation. It has been a long time since our residents have been able to safely visit with their families and loved ones in person and we are all looking forward to the joyful reunions to come.

It is vitally important that visitation is conducted in a safe manner. All visitors will be screened upon arrival. The screening will include a temperature check and questions about known exposure to COVID-19, symptoms, out-of-state travel, and your willingness to adhere to new visitation rules. You can view the survey here. If the survey identifies a risk for the health of our residents, you will be asked to reschedule for a later date. All visitors will be required to follow all current visitation rules (see below). We thank you in advance for your commitment to these mandatory measures which protect our vulnerable residents.

Cedar Haven Visitation Rules (as of 8/27/20):

  1. Visitation is by appointment only. Please request a visitation appointment by filling out this form on our website.
  2. Face masks must be worn at all times.
  3. Only 2 visitors per resident are permitted at this time during each visit.
  4. Stay seated, do not stand up during your visit. You must maintain 6 feet of social distancing throughout your visit.
  5. Children under 2 years of age are not permitted to visit at this time. Children over 2 years of age must wear a mask and be properly managed by an adult visitor. Children must also maintain strict social distancing (6 feet).
  6. Resident and visitor physical contact is not permitted at any time during the visit. No food or drinks are permitted in the visiting area.
  7. Follow all instructions given by the Cedar Haven Visitor Monitor. Failure to do so will result in being directed to leave the visit.
  8. Your visit will be timed due to the need to facilitate visits for many of our residents. Please cooperate and leave when you are instructed to do so.
  9. Visitation will occur in designated visit areas except for when residents receiving hospice care require a visit take place in their room.

Please keep in mind that these visitation rules for this stage of reopening are subject to change at the discretion of our healthcare management team. Please also note that we will continue to offer video calls for family members who would like to schedule a time to speak with their loved one in that manner. As always, you can request a video call here. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

August 20, 2020 UPDATE

Cedar Haven has not had a positive case of COVID-19 among our resident population in 6 weeks. We are continuing to utilize PPE and practice strict infection control procedures and policies to protect our residents. One CNA employed by Cedar Haven Healthcare Center has tested positive for COVID-19 and is self-isolating at home. Eight other staff members were recently tested due to related symptoms of illness experienced by either themselves or family members. Thankfully, all eight tested negative for COVID. Despite their negative test results, they will not return to Cedar Haven until permitted by our infection control team. This week, one resident was transferred to 1D (our isolation unit) due to temperature and tremors. This resident’s signs and symptoms subsided quickly and the test was negative. Cedar Haven has invested in an in-house rapid testing system that we plan to begin utilizing at the end of the month. We are continuing to review potential reopening plans and will publish these as soon as they are finalized and approved. Thank you for your continued support and understanding during this unusual time.

August 11, 2020 UPDATE

Cedar Haven has not had a positive case of COVID-19 among our resident population for the past 5 weeks. Our last positive staff member case occurred 4 weeks ago. As of Friday, 8/7/20, one staff member was self-isolating and awaiting test results.

Cedar Haven is currently assessing and reviewing our Implementation Plan for Reopening, which will be published on our website upon its completion. With the exception of our established isolation unit (which since March has been utilized to mitigate risk associated with new admissions and residents who must leave the facility for dialysis and other medically necessary reasons), all other areas of our facility are deemed “green zones.” Our isolation unit, though it is COVID-free, is still regarded as a “yellow zone.” That means that new admissions and any residents who may have experienced an ER visit or outside consult are subject to a 14-day assessment period within the yellow zone in order to protect the rest of our population from potential exposure. Once the assessment period is complete, those residents are free to matriculate into the other areas within the building.

We are continuing to host a large number of video calls each week with family members and specialist medical providers as part of our Resident Care Connection and Telehealth program. Our robust Telehealth Program, powered by SAGE Health, continues to connect residents with specialists in Psychiatry, Cardiology, Digestive Health, Neurology, and more. This secure technology ensures that our residents receive safe and convenient specialist care without delay. Our Resident Care Connection program facilitates calls with family members and has received ongoing positive feedback such as this recent comment: “(I enjoyed) being able to see mom. Knowing that she’s well cared for gives me peace of mind…The girls are so considerate!” If you are a family member who desires to schedule a video call, please request a time slot at

Thank you for your ongoing support of our residents, team, and facility. We will continue to update our website when there are new changes in status and/or when our Implementation Plan for Reopening is available for publication.

July 16, 2020 UPDATE

Cedar Haven saw our first confirmed case of COVID-19 on June 3rd and were able to contain the impact of the virus to one floor (1C). Our team’s preventative measures ensured that it did not spread further throughout the rest of the building, as we have shared in previous updates. After an exposure event, 2D also underwent extensive testing, however, no residents tested positive on that floor. We have no current cases of COVID-19 among our resident population. Our Infection Control Director has announced that since the isolation period on 2D has expired, that floor can move from red to green status within our building. We are also pleased to announce that the resident isolation and incubation period on 1C has also expired without further cases. We applaud our team’s extraordinary efforts and outcomes.

At this time, green status still requires visitation restrictions, daily temperature checks and symptom surveys among staff, the use of N95 masks, and the limitation of staff between various areas of the building in order to continue to protect our vulnerable residents from further exposure. We thank you for your understanding and compliance with the important policies that have been put in place to keep our residents and team safe. If you are missing visits with your loved one, we would also encourage you to utilize our ongoing Resident Care Connection video call service by requesting a time for a call with one of our residents at

Staffing has been a challenge for all long-term facilities during the pandemic, but our staffing continues to improve as we now have identified more RNs and other licensed staff required for our current schedule. Additionally, the state approved our unique 80-hour in-house CNA training course so that we can continue to train new staff for CNA duties far above and beyond the minimum requirements set by the state during the pandemic (these Nursing Assistant Trainees will receive 10 times the state minimum required training time for Temporary Nursing Assistants). Our classes have been well received and generally have a waiting list for applicants to join our training group.

We will continue to update our website as changes in status or new cases occur and thank you for your ongoing support of our residents and team.

July 3, 2020 UPDATE

It has now been three-and-a-half months since the pandemic began, our visitation was restricted, and our initial precautionary measures were put into place. Our visitation restrictions and enhanced infection control procedures remain fully in place and we continue to connect our residents with their families, friends and medical professionals via video calls. Our team has worked incredibly hard to mitigate further spread of COVID-19 within our facility after it was first confirmed within our community in early June. At this point in time, we are happy to report that over 50% of the 30 team members who tested positive with the virus have now been cleared to return to work after taking the necessary precautions. We continue to follow state and federal guidelines and recommendations related to training new staff to join our team and have continued to offer above and beyond the minimum requirements set forth by the Department of Health. We are thankful that our full 3.5 week Nursing Assistant Trainee course will resume this month.

Ten days ago we saw one additional resident confirmed with COVID-19 but have otherwise not seen any new resident cases since our last update. Sadly, however, over the past two weeks there have been an additional three deaths among residents confirmed with COVID-19 and two resident deaths that are suspected to be related to COVID-19. One of these deaths did not occur at the facility but took place in a local hospital. All of us at Cedar Haven offer our sincere condolences to the family-members and friends of these residents during this difficult time. We want to thank all of our dedicated staff for their hard work and the personal sacrifices they have made during this historic period that has been thrust upon all of us in Central PA. We truly are all in this together and we appreciate your ongoing support of our residents and team of healthcare heroes.

June 22, 2020 UPDATE

We are thankful to report that Cedar Haven has not seen any confirmed cases of COVID-19 among our residents for ten days. We are continuing testing in order to mitigate further risk and spreading of the virus. Thankfully 16 of the residents with COVID-19 have been asymptomatic and all impacted residents with the exception of one have been located on the same floor. It is with heavy hearts, however, that we announce that our facility has experienced a total of four resident deaths due to COVID-19. All of us at Cedar Haven offer our sincere and heartfelt condolences to their families and loved ones during this difficult time. 26 of our staff members have tested positive for COVID-19 to date though approximately half of those staff members were both exposed and tested outside of Cedar Haven. All impacted staff are following strict quarantine requirements before returning to work. We want to thank our team for their rigorous efforts and commitment to our residents and also thank our community for the ongoing support during this truly unprecedented time.

June 14, 2020 UPDATE

After several months of remaining COVID-free, Cedar Haven saw its first positive case of COVID-19 confirmed on June 3rd. We implemented widespread testing efforts which have confirmed an increasing number of COVID cases, both symptomatic and asymptomatic, despite the rigorous precautions that have been in place since mid-March. As of June 14th, we now have 30 positive cases among our residents and suspect that 8 more may also have been impacted. Of the 30 confirmed cases, 13 are asymptomatic. Thankfully, these cases are not widely distributed throughout our facility. All but one of these confirmed or suspected cases appeared on the same unit (1C), while the other impacted resident was on 3C and has now been moved from that floor. To date, 23 Cedar Haven staff members have tested positive for COVID-19, 11 of which were asymptomatic at the time of testing. Our team has been working hard to follow guidelines put in place by health officials and experts to mitigate the further spread of the virus to other units within the building. Cedar Haven has also been working to reprioritize and reallocate our team in order to care for the immediate essential needs of our residents. Our first priority and absolute commitment now and always is to provide high-quality and compassionate care for our residents. We will continue to update the website as we receive additional information. We appreciate your patience and support.

June 10, 2020 UPDATE

Cedar Haven has now received confirmation that eight total residents at our facility have tested positive for COVID-19. These confirmed instances have all appeared on one floor (1C) and all affected residents have been moved to our dedicated isolation wing where they are receiving care in a safe setting in order to limit further exposure on that floor. We suspect that two additional residents may possibly have COVID-19 and are awaiting test results. Our team is working hard to facilitate widespread testing among our staff and residents. We are also actively working to set up additional remote COVID-related care opportunities with local experts via telehealth. Please know that we are dedicated to remaining transparent and sharing updates as often as possible as we receive more information. Our team is reaching out to families directly if their loved ones are suspected or diagnosed with COVID-19. Our first priority and absolute commitment is to provide high-quality and compassionate care for our residents. We appreciate your ongoing support of our facility during this time. Please remember to use our website to request a video call with your loved ones ( and continue to visit this webpage for additional updates.

June 8, 2020 UPDATE

As you are most likely aware, Pennsylvania now has had over 80,000 confirmed cases of Coronavirus and Lebanon County has now seen over 1,000 confirmed cases. We began preparing for the impact of this pandemic upon our facility in early March, as we have outlined in detail in earlier communications, when we began checking staff temperatures twice a day and implementing other strict infection control precautions. Cedar Haven has now received confirmation that two residents at our facility have tested positive for COVID-19. These instances all appeared on one floor (1C). Several more residents are currently being tested and we are awaiting the results. We have taken measures to isolate residents who are positive with COVID-19 in order to protect our other residents during this challenging time. Our administrative team created an isolation wing ahead of time so that we could swiftly implement this measure for the safety of our residents and team should we see confirmed cases among our resident population. Any impacted resident who moves to the isolation wing will receive high-quality, compassionate care in that dedicated unit. Please know that we are dedicated to remaining transparent and sharing updates as quickly as possible. Please continue to visit our webpage to receive additional updates. Thank you for your ongoing support and patience during this unprecedented set of circumstances.

June 4, 2020 UPDATE – Edited at 5:20pm EST

We are very thankful for our administrative and clinical teams and for how they have thoughtfully and carefully navigated our first confirmed case of COVID-19 among our staff, which we learned of yesterday (6/3/20) as announced below. Since yesterday, two additional team-members have tested positive for COVID-19. All three of these individuals were exposed to persons outside of the facility with COVID-19. All team-members who have tested positive are self-isolating at home for the prescribed amount of time and will be required to take a second test before returning to work. No residents at Cedar Haven have tested positive for COVID-19 to date.  Our strict infection control guidelines which have been in place for months (including taking staff temperatures twice a day, heightened housekeeping protocol, and the use of PPE) will continue. The safety and well-being of our residents and staff is our top priority. Thank you for your ongoing support during this time.

June 3, 2020 UPDATE

It has now been several months since we first put cautionary measures in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In early March, Cedar Haven Healthcare Center quickly adopted best practices as recommended by the CDC, CMS, PADOH, and our own administrator and infection control director. Visitation was restricted, PPE was required for all and a new isolation wing with dedicated staff was established for new admissions and anyone who was symptomatic. We immediately increased housekeeping routines to include disinfection of surfaces multiple times per day. We also limited the possibility for cross-community spread by requiring staff to cease working at outside facilities affected by COVID-19. Employee temperatures have been taken at the beginning of the shift and a health questionnaire has been completed by each staff member entering the building since the pandemic began. To alleviate resident and family anxiety or sadness at not being able to visit in person, we implemented a video conference option so families could see and speak with their loved ones. We have also launched a full telehealth program so that residents can receive remote specialist care without risking outside exposure.

On June 3rd, a Cedar Haven staff-member tested positive for COVID-19, which leads us to report our first positive case to date. This employee was immediately quarantined at home.

While we have tested any resident or staff member exhibiting or reporting any symptoms associated with this virus since the beginning of the pandemic, we are now putting new measures in place. In light of our one positive case, this week we are implementing more wide-spread testing among those who might have had contact with the employee, regardless of the presence of symptoms. Additional screening processes and heightened disinfection procedures are in place throughout the building as we make every effort to contain any spread.

Please check back for updates on this webpage and rest assured that we are continuing to implement the highest level of precautions to protect our residents and staff. Thank you for your continued support and adherence to necessary protocol during this unprecedented time.

The Cedar Haven Management Team

May 22, 2020 UPDATE

We are happy to report that Cedar Haven remains COVID-Free at this time. As you know, the number of Coronavirus cases in Lebanon County has climbed substantially and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) as well as our local Department of Health officials are monitoring the situation closely. Thankfully, our residents and staff have remained safe in part due to the heroic efforts of our team to maintain infection control protocols and precautions.

You can always view our current policies and the precautions we put in place to protect our residents on this web page (, which will we keep up-to-date:

All Non-Essential Visitation is Still Restricted Until Further Notification

It is in the best interest of our residents to stop all non-essential visitation to our facility.

Video Call Technology at Cedar Haven

We are proud to announce that our “Resident Care Connection” and Telehealth program has been well received and utilized by many of our residents and their loved ones. We have conducted over 150 video calls over the last month! Families interested in coordinating a video call with their loved ones can request a planned meeting time at

Telehealth for Specialist Care 

Cedar Haven has also been offering numerous telemedicine opportunities for our residents that allow them to continue to access additional specialist care without being exposed to unnecessary risk of exposure to COVID-19. To date, our residents have received assisted Telehealth services that have directly connected them to specialists in psychiatry, neurology, endocrinology, orthopedics, and more, without leaving the comfort or safety of their rooms! These events are powered by SAGE Health, which enables the secure transmission of private health care information to the provider office. 


We continue to conduct required screening for all personnel and vendors as they come into our building, which involves signing a form to attest to screening criteria as well as temperature checks conducted multiple times a day. For residents who require hospitalization, we have provided a safe, comfortable, and separated area of our building where they can return to Cedar Haven and wait 14 days before matriculating back into their usual living quarters. This policy, and all of our current procedures, are designed to proactively keep our residents safe and lower risk of exposure for those who call our facility home.

We cannot say at this time how long these restrictions and policies will be in effect. Our clinical team will continue to monitor this evolving situation and will consider the necessity of this policy moving forward as new information becomes available. In the interest of protecting our vulnerable residents and our staff, please continue to adhere fully to these policies. As you know, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) can severely impact the elderly or those with chronic health conditions.

Social Distancing Activities

Our Therapeutic Recreation Department has been creative and proactive in leading a number of fun activities for residents that are designed to keep them safe and smiling. For example, they are using our television broadcast system to run live bingo games that can be enjoyed from each resident room. 


Our social distancing dance parades in the hallways have continued to be enjoyed by all. 

Please continue to check back for new updates. Thank you for your continued support during this time!

Welcome to Cedar Haven!

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Cedar Haven Coronavirus Update

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