It is our great pleasure to introduce you to the most beloved “Dogs of Cedar Haven,” who visit our residents with wagging tails and leave smiles on every hall.

Name: Bella

Age: 2 years old

Breed: English Bulldog

“Bella loves seeing the residents as much as the residents love seeing her. Bella like to go room to room to visit her friends.”

Name: Bentley

Age: almost 8 years old

Breed: Sheltie

“Bentley’s birthday is July 4th. He enjoys being with people, residents, and visitors. He is a well-behaved boy who knows where he can and cannot be. He loves his treats and will also do a trick for you.”

*Thanks for modeling good mask procedures, Bentley!

Name: Buddy Boy Anderson

Age: 7 years old

Breed: Bichpoo (Bichon Poodle)

“Buddy loves to come to work. He is very attached to me but he loves to see all the residents and ‘herd’ them into programs. He likes to do crafts and even worship on a Sunday! The residents like to laugh about how he follows me around. One residents loves on him and always says, ‘That’s my boy.'”

Did you know that research shows that pet-visits are proven to increase talking, smiling, walking, and alertness in residents? No wonder our residents enjoy spending time with pets like Buddy, Bella, and Bentley when they come in for visits.

Whether you are primarily a pet person or a people person, we hope this upcoming Spring season finds you well. Best wishes from all of us at Cedar Haven Healthcare Center!

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Cedar Haven Coronavirus Report

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