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Will my loved one be in a room by himself or with other people?
Cedar Haven offers private, semi-private, and quad rooms. Every resident is assessed prior to their admission so that a decision for room placement can be made. Most private rooms are used for infection control purposes. However, residents are offered to upgrade to a private or semi-private room if their personal assets can cover the upgrade.
Are residents provided with telephones and TV’s?
Cedar Haven’s rooms do not have telephone jacks. Residents are able to use their personal cell phones. Also, every nursing unit has a portable telephone with its own extension for resident use. Cedar Haven offers 38 channels at no additional cost. TV’s are not provided. The recommended size for a television is a 20 inch screen.
How many residents live on each unit? How many staff members are assigned to the unit?
The nursing units accommodate between 32 and 40 residents. The staffing is dependent upon the number of residents currently residing on the unit.
How much time will my loved one spend in therapy?
Every resident can be evaluated by the Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapists. The treatment plan is developed based on the resident’s need and ability to participate in therapy. Therapy can be provided in the therapy department or at the bedside.
What activities are offered?
Cedar Haven offers a variety of activities for the residents. Activities include Arts and Crafts, Music programs, BINGO, Socials, and Worship Services. Most large group activities occur in the Recreation Room and Craft Room. Small group activities are offered on the nursing unit as well as individual activities with the 1:1 Activity Staff. Cedar Haven offers outdoor activities on the Rec Trail and on the Cedar Terrace.
How much does it cost to live at Cedar Haven?
Cedar Haven has contracts with many insurances. If a resident is admitted from an acute care stay in a hospital Cedar Haven is usually able to bill Medicare or their primary insurance. Cedar Haven also accepts Medical Assistance as payment. The daily rate for a quad room is $285/daily. The semi-private room rate is $290/daily. The private room rate is $295/daily.
My loved on is being admitted for short-term rehab therapy. How will I know when it is time for her to return to her home?
Every family is encouraged to participate in their loved ones therapy treatments. When the therapists feel that the resident will soon be able to safely return to their home a Home Safety Evaluation is completed. The Social Service Casework will assist with obtaining recommended medical equipment and in-home services to include therapy and home health aides.
What happens if my loved one is not able to return to her home and will require long-term care?

Cedar Haven offers nine nursing units. 1F has been designated as a short-term unit. All other nursing units accommodate residents who have a long-term need for nursing care. A resident is transitioned to a long-term unit if they are unable to be safely discharged after completing therapy. Rooms will be offered with other residents who have like interests so that the transition to a new environment is as smooth as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions – Finance

Will the nursing home take my home?

No. You do not have to sign over your deed to your home to receive nursing home care. However, you will be responsible for the daily cost of care while in the nursing home. If you are unable to afford the cost of care, the finance office will assist you in preparing your Medical Assistance Application.

Does hospice pay for my stay in a nursing home?

No. Services provided by a hospice provider will be billed by that provider under your Medicare benefits. The nursing home cost of care for room and board is not a covered benefit under Medicare. Depending on your financial situation you will either be private pay or the nursing home will assist you in applying for nursing home benefits under the Medical Assistance Program.

Will Medicare pay for my total cost of care in a nursing home?

No. Medicare will pay only for medically necessary skilled and rehabilitative services after a qualifying three-day minimum medically necessary inpatient hospital stay for a related illness or injury. The important and critical piece to this question is the three (3) day hospital in-patient stay. You must be absolutely sure that your hospital stay is classified as an inpatient stay and not an observation stay.

Once the three-day qualifying hospital stay is met, the maximum Medicare skilled nursing benefit is 100 days, with the first 20 days covered at 100% and the 21st through the 100th day paid less a daily co-insurance amount that is the responsibility of the member. The co-insurance amount is $161 a day for 2016 and $164.50 a day for 2017.

Simply meeting the requirement of the three-day hospital stay does not guarantee the full maximum coverage from your Medicare Benefits. Your Medicare Benefit is strictly monitored under Medicare guidelines during your stay and you will be kept up-to-date on your status regarding your Medicare Benefits.

Will the nursing home charge for services provided in the beauty shop?

No. Currently these services are part of our daily per diem rate.

Will the nursing home provide transportation to doctor appointments?

Yes. Appointments scheduled by our clinic will be transported by our facility transport vehicle.

Should the need arise, will the nursing home cover any funeral expenses?

The nursing home does not pay for any funeral or burial costs. We do suggest at the time of admission that pre-paid irrevocable burials be set up or pre-arrangements be made with the funeral home of your choice.

Are there any other burial benefits available through other programs?

There is a $255 benefit for a spouse through the Social Security Administration. There are no benefits available under Medicare or the Medicaid Programs.

What happens if I can no longer pay for nursing home care?

The finance office will assist you in applying for Medical Assistance. A case worker from the MedicalAssistance office upon submission of the application will determine your eligibility and payment requirements for your coverage. Typically, the payment requirement is based on the resident’s monthly income less a personal monthly spending allowance of $45.

What if I have a spouse living in the community?

There is an extension to the Medical Assistance Program for Spousal Impoverishment Protection for these cases. The first step is to complete a Resource Assessment. This is an assessment of assets solely or jointly owned at time of admission. A case worker from the Medical Assistance office will review and process this assessment. The assessment is then sent back to the applicant with a calculation of the total countable assets available and the portion of that amount that is protected for the community spouse.

From this point, there may be a requirement of spending down to become eligible to apply for benefits. When the spend down is completed, then an application for Medical Assistance is submitted. The case worker will then make a determination of eligibility and the payment requirement for the nursing home resident. The payment requirement is based solely on the nursing home resident’s monthly income. The community spouse maybe entitled to a spousal allowance thereby reducing the payment requirement to the nursing home. In some cases, the community spouse is entitled to keep the income of the nursing home resident and no payment is required by the resident. The finance office will assist you in this process.

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