What will I do at Cedar Haven Healthcare Center?
  • Participate in a therapy program
  • Dine with others in the Dining Room or order room service
  • Use individual and/or group leisure activities to help you get back to your normal activities
  • Participate in your regular daily routine, such as grooming, bathing, eating and dressing
  • Work with Staff to plan your transition to home
How is Cedar Haven different from the hospital?
  • You can wear your own comfortable clothing
  • You can use your own personal care items such as soap, shampoo, shaving supplies, cosmetics, etc.
  • If you are most comfortable sleeping with your own pillow and throw blanket, feel free to bring them with you
  • You will be followed by one of our Physicians who will make regular patient visits during a rehab stay. You will see a physician less frequently than when you were in the hospital.
  • Wireless internet service is available so feel free to bring your laptop or device with you. It will be your responsibility to keep any devices secure
  • Feel free to bring books, cards and writing paper as such. Cedar Haven has many choices and activities as well.
  • If you would like to have visitors please keep in mind your rehab schedule, the needs of other patients and that you need rest to regain your strength and optimal health
What should I bring to Cedar Haven?

You will probably be getting dressed and participating in therapies and regular activities of daily living. Feel free to bring the following:

  • Bathrobe, slippers, pajamas/nightgown, undergarments, socks
  • Several changes of exercise clothing for ease of comfort
  • Comfortable soled shoes
  • Grooming items such as comb, hairbrush, shampoo, make-up, deodorant (no bar soap)
  • Glasses
  • Hearing aids
  • Dentures and containers


  • Bring easy-on, easy-off clothing items such as elastic waist pants
  • Bring clothing that is machine-washable
  • Expensive or irreplaceable items such as jewelry and large sums of money should be kept at home