Cedar Haven Healthcare Center is committed to continuously training our clinical team with best-practice clinical, operational, and technological methods. Our previous training events have recently evolved into a fantastic, synchronized series of daily training events called the STARS education program. STARS stands for Support, Train, Accelerate, and Recognize Staff.

We are excited about this dynamic in-house program, developed by our own team of talented clinicians. The STARS program is a product of our commitment to excellence and to improving our team’s skills and attitudes for the benefit of our team, our residents, and our community.

This program features three 20-minute daily training events that are held Monday through Friday at 10:30am, 3:30pm, and 12:30am on each floor. Every clinical employee participates in one event each day. Our residents are invited and welcome to join us at the nursing station as well.

Thank you to our team and residents for supporting this important initiative. We are looking forward to seeing the impact this dedicated effort continues to have on Cedar Haven’s quality of care!

Members of the Cedar Haven Team and a resident participate in a STARS Progam event for daily training on important topics related to clinical, operational, and technological excellence.

Here are some testimonials about the STARS program:

  • It’s great to continually educate! – Evey, staff member
  • I like Cedar Haven’s STARS Program and being able to participate. – Marie, Resident
  • I like the daily communication, it’s very helpful. – Lucy, staff member
  • Its helpful and great to have daily routine communication and education, especially working in healthcare. –Katie, staff member
  • The STARS Program is very educational! –Laura, staff member
  • The STARS Program is very educational and everyday is something new. It gives us the skills to help our residents and helps make Cedar Haven a better place to work. -Gabby, staff member
  • The STARS program is a great educational and informative program. I love the fact that I learn and present to others! –Chris, staff member
  • As a team member of the Stars Program, I feel communication is the key to success in our facility. The staff are receptive and attentive in continuing their education of topics that will continue to make CHHC successful for them and the residents now and in the future. -Dianne, staff member
  • The STARS program provides training for the entire Cedar Haven team at the same time Monday through Friday.  Staff and residents can look forward to their program training at a specific time daily, to learn new skills/task and or keep them refreshed on everyday tasks.  The STARS program encourages not only staff, but also the residents to participate.  Residents willing to listen and learn during the STARS program trainings, will have the opportunity to not only voice their opinions, but also get an understanding of the daily tasks/skills/responsibilities of the Cedar Haven team.  During our STARS trainings, staff and residents can voice their concerns as well.  We have had some great feedback from both residents and staff on the new program and how it has helped in getting new information through every member of the team in a timely manner. – Tonya, staff member


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