This is the part of a new series of posts showing how residents #EnjoyLifeWithUs at Cedar Haven Healthcare Center. Marie Anderson, our Director of Therapeutic Recreation, and the rest of the Cedar Haven team worked together with students from Cedar Crest High School and Northern Lebanon High School to throw a fun-filled event for the enjoyment of our residents. 

We are very thankful to everyone who made the 2019 Senior Prom at Cedar Haven a smashing success last month, including DJ Mike Swisher, Mrs. Steckbeck and her Cedar Crest High School students, and a group of thoughtful students from Northern Lebanon High School. 

Marcia Krause, our Director of Administrative Services, shared the following comments with us about this unique event: 

“Music is a universal language. You can hear just one or two notes of a song – and you’re right back in that moment, back in that day, back at the prom. I saw the memories in the faces of our residents as they had a wonderful time at the ‘Morning Under the Stars.’ Many shared comments of how they loved to dance, how much they fun they were having and asking when we are going to do it again. It was a lovely day for them and once again our Therapeutic Recreation Department went above and beyond in making it a day for our residents to remember.”



We hope you enjoy photos of the students dancing, which brought big smiles and fond memories to mind for many of our residents, as well as the glamorous and fun prom attire that was worn by staff during the event.



Once again, we would like to extend a warm thank you to our talented activities team and this thoughtful group of students and for planning and taking part in such a fun, uplifting event for our residents to enjoy.

While Cedar Haven offers a number of fun events for residents each week, we always particularly enjoy when young people from the Lebanon community comes to visit. We hope all of you students have a great summer! Thank you for meeting us “under the stars.” 


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