In honor of Activity Professionals Week beginning January 15th, we’ve created a quiz to see how well you know the Aides in the Therapeutic Recreation department at Cedar Haven Healthcare Center (Dori, Becky, Kim, Deb, Cheryl, Chris, Elsy, Donna A., Donna K., Melody, Betty, Penny, Lisa, Amy, and Sherri). Take the online quiz below. Good luck!

Who is the Bus Driver? Hint: She organizes our trips and loves to travel. She can juggle many tasks at once.

Who is the Decorator? Hint: She throws some ordinary items together and makes it look great. She is always willing to lend a hand.

Who is the Night Owl? Hint: She loves the evening programs and would work them all if she could. She also enjoys Rosary and Mass.

Who is the Artist? Hint: A crafty one who can turn scraps into art. The go to girl for polishing up our signs and handmade games.

Who is the Actress? Hint: She is willing to perform and will dress up for anything. She loves to do Karaoke and be a goof when needed.

Who is the "Queen of the Yarn?" Hint: Well, maybe not queen, but loves yarn circle. She is also the Spanish Club Chief.

Who is the 4F crafter? Hint: She keeps the residents active in her seasonal crafts all year. She also enjoys her evening music programs

Who is the Vanna White of Bingo? Hint: She splits her time between the Craftroom and her unit. She takes Bingo very seriously on her unit and loves the sentimental sing-a-longs.

Who is the jack of all trades? Hint: She will do most anything, drive or act like a nut. She comes up with some great ideas and without her we wouldn’t have Putting Green or Christmas card day.

Who is the exercise queen? Hint: We may keep her locked in the Craftroom most days, but she loves small exercise groups and 1:1. It takes her back to her Restorative days.

Who is the 4F baker? Hint: She loves to bake with her residents. You will often find her whistling while she works.

Who is the lunch lady? Hint: She loves to help with 4F lunches. She is very good friends with Sabella and loves the Craftroom.

Who is the jewelry maker? Hint: She is queen of the beads in the Craftroom. She enjoys helping with the Memorial Service.

Who is the new girl on the block? Hint: She is the treat queen; candies, cookies, cupcakes, oh my! She even shares with her residents. She is good for a few laughs.

Who is the dresser? Hint: She helps to find our costumes and keeps the residents dressed to the 9, all year long.