Are you a true Lebanon County expert? Find out how much you really know about Lebanon County, PA!

This quiz was created by the experienced staff at Cedar Haven Healthcare Center, a deficiency-free facility that provides high-quality Skilled Nursing, Therapy, Memory Care, and Hospice services in Central Pennsylvania. Cedar Haven is a fun and welcoming place to live or work thanks to our skilled and compassionate team. We are focused on providing the quality care that our facility has been known for in Lebanon over the past 50 years. Over 70 of our employees have worked at Cedar Haven for over 20 years! Scroll down to begin the quiz.

What was the name of Lebanon before it became Lebanon?

By Internet Archive Book Images - Image from page 247 of "Ancient and historic landmarks in the Lebanon Valley" (1895), No restrictions,

Steitztown, founded in 1740 by George Steitz. Changed to Lebanon in 1885 when Lebanon became a third class.

What was the name of the shoe factory located in Annville that made more shoes than any other shoe manufacturer in the world?

How many inches of snow fell during the blizzard of 2016?

Sam Bowie is a retired NBA player that lead the Lebanon Cedars to the state finals in 1978. What team drafted Bowie in the 1984 NBA draft?

What team did Cedar Crest graduate Frank Reich spend the majority of his NFL career playing for?

What female from Lebanon won Miss Pennsylvania in 1980 and then competed in Miss USA in 1981?

In 1878, what trial took place in Lebanon that received worldwide publicity and inspired Arthur Conan Doyle to write the Sherlock Holmes story, “The Adventure of the Red-Headed League”?

What was the name of the hurricane that caused all of the flooding in 1972?

Rifle shooter, Jamie Lynn Gray, of Lebanon, won a gold medal in which summer Olympics?

Where was Harrisburg Area Community College located at the time of the fire in 1990?

Lebanon High School graduate, Jared Odrick, was drafted by what team in the 2010 NFL draft?

What Cedar Crest graduate is now a defensive coordinator for the Philadelphia Eagles?

What Lebanon born quarterback played for 11 seasons in the NFL from 1964-1974 for 6 different teams?

What is unique item is dropped at midnight on New Year’s Eve in Lebanon?

A 150 pound Bologna, made of Lebanon Bologna

Located in Lebanon County, what is the name of the oldest existing transportation tunnel in the United States?

Where do Lebanon resident’s line up on Saturday mornings for the best pretzels in town?

What is a deliciously rich, creamy fondant made with heavy cream, flavored with vanilla and coated in pure chocolate liquor, and can only be found in the vicinity of Lebanon, PA?

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