Services & Amenities

Skilled Nursing: 24-Hour Nursing Care

Effective Healthcare by Qualified Professionals: Providing innovative, personalized, resident care from a professional and understanding staff of physicians, nurses and clinical specialists. Click here to Learn More.


Comprehensive rehabilitation program including physical, occupational, and speech therapy services. Click Here to Learn More.

Physical Therapy

When Help is Needed, We are There: Physical therapy treatment utilizes a variety of exercises and equipment to help individuals improve body mechanics and balance while regaining strength and improving mobility. Click Here to Learn More.

Occupational Therapy

Live a longer life and do more things: Occupational therapy programs are designed to address training related to recovery or improvement of daily living skills and functional safety. Click Here to Learn More.

Speech Therapy

It’s a quality-of-life benefit. Speech therapy focuses on treatments and programs for individuals in need of speech, language, communication, cognitive ability and swallowing function improvements. Click Here to Learn More.

Therapeutic Recreation

Don’t slow down, stay active and involved. Our staff has the answer with our broad range of group and 1 to 1 programming, along with an entertainment schedule. Click Here to Learn More.

Floor Plans

Whether you’re a private person or outgoing and involved, preferences are considered. Accommodations for daily living include private, semi-private and quad rooms. Click here to learn more.


How am I going to get to my local doctors’ appointments? Cedar Havens transport team will get you there. Our driver and certified nursing assistant (if necessary) will provide the support you need in getting you to the care you need. Click here to learn more.

Dining Services

Enjoy a diverse dining experience. Our Dieticians and culinary staff offer a broad menu selection that includes localized cultural preferences and some unique chef favorites. Click here to learn more.


Look good feel good…Our salon staff can keep up with the regular hairstyle you’ve always enjoyed. Whether it’s a regular visit or getting ready for a special event, our team is ready to accommodate. Click here to learn more.


Concerned about keeping up with your specialty healthcare needs? No worries, dental podiatry, ophthalmology, hearing and mental health clinics are available on site weekly. Click here to learn more.


When can I see a doctor?….Here at Cedar Haven we have onsite physician presence six days a week provided by our local Fredericksburg Community Health Center. Click here to learn more.

Social Services

Wondering how you are going to coordinate that transition back home or to another living environment? No worries our staff of experienced social workers will coordinate everything for you. Through our experience and long standing relationships with local vendors and agencies, we’ll help you navigate those waters safely. Click here to learn more.