Last week snowfall records reached a new high in Lebanon County, when totals reached 31 inches. The previous record was 25 inches, which we received in 1983. Thankfully, due to the diligence and hard work of our staff members, the residents at Cedar Haven were safe and well cared for during the storm. In an effort to say thanks to the many team members facility wide who worked long hours to care for the residents, we have compiled a few statistics to highlight their efforts:

As the image above points out, over 65 staff members stayed on through the storm to work a second shift. 10 maintenance employees worked around the clock to remove snow. One RN Supervisor rode into the facility on a tractor! Here are a few of photos documenting the snow removal process:


We are so thankful for the Cedar Haven staff members who went the extra mile to ensure that our residents were safe and well cared for during this weather emergency.

Here is a quote from Marcia Krause, our administrator, expressing her gratitude:

“I was very impressed with the nursing supervisors who worked on Saturday. They kept cool and calm in the midst of the telephones ringing off the hook and staff coming in and out of the office. And there is the staff….I could see how tired some of them were by the end of the day but they volunteered to work another shift. Frank Uhler did everything from clearing snow to transporting staff to helping me make” beds” for the staff that were sleeping over. It was a very busy, stressful day but it made me so appreciative of the awesome staff members we have at Cedar Haven.”

Thank you all!