Next week is Environmental Services & Housekeeping week! We would like to celebrate by recognizing some of the members of the Cedar Haven team for their dedication and Commitment to Care in the Laundry, Housekeeping, and Maintenance departments.

Meet Beth

Beth Sanders has been working at Cedar Haven for 36 years this September. Beth joined the Cedar Haven team as a high school student by working in housekeeping on weekends and evenings. She also worked in the kitchen for 5 years. Beth has been a member of the laundry department team for 21 years.

Though it may not be the first task you think of in a nursing facility, laundry is a pivotal part of life and health at Cedar Haven. Massive amounts of laundry, including linens and personal laundry, are washed, dried, and folded everyday. When there is so much laundry to be done, it isn’t measured in loads but rather by weight. Can you imagine doing 2 tons of wash in a day? The staff at Cedar Haven regularly handling this amount of laundry and does so with excellence.

Beth said that she really enjoys her job, and that one important part for her is “processing personal clothing in a timely manner with care, just like I would want someone to handle my own clothing.” Please join us in thanking Beth for her dedication to the residents and families at Cedar Haven Healthcare Center. Congratulations on achieving 36 years of service this month!

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Staff Spotlight: Tim Wright

Staff Spotlight: Tim Wright

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