March is National Social Worker’s Month, which prompted a series of posts on our blog related to our Social Services Department. See Part One, Kelly Troutman, Part Two, Michelle Heffner, and Part Four, Pam Trautman.


Meet Clare

This week we would like to highlight Clare Missimer, a Social Work Caseworker who joined the team at Cedar Haven in December of 2014. Prior to joining our Social Services Department, Clare worked with Children Youth Services in Lebanon and also worked as a Counselor at a Methadone Clinic.


As we learned in our other staff spotlights this month with Kelly Troutman and Michelle Heffner, the Caseworkers at Cedar Haven each have a different group of residents for whom they provide care. Clare supports many residents who are at our facility for long-term care and some who are here for short-term services. Clare works with a number of patients who have dementia.

A typical day for Clare includes spending time with residents, conducting assessments, participating in care plan meetings, and keeping up to date on communication with the nursing staff. Every Thursday, Clare participates in the Mental Health Clinic offered at our facility, in which a Psychiatrist from Philhaven visits the facility for appointments with residents.


Clare noted that her favorite part of her job is “spending time with the residents.” She said that she enjoys learning more about what could be a lost generation by listening to their stories and getting to know them. When asked why she wanted to become a social worker, Clare remarked that she’s “always wanted to help people and make people happy.”

Please join us in thanking Clare for the great care she takes in serving our residents and their families and the contributions she makes to the team at our facility.