We invite you to join us in thanking and celebrating Jasmin Cevallos, CNA, for her commitment to the residents at Cedar Haven and the great work she does to improve their quality of life.

Jasmin was recently recognized for her exemplary service as a CNA at Cedar Haven with our Employee of the Week award. You can read comments about Jasmin that were shared by other Cedar Haven team-members below.

Jasmin, on behalf of all of us at Cedar Haven, thank you for your  commitment to care for our residents!

Comments made by fellow staff members:

“Jasmin comes in every day and gives 100% to her residents. She is kind, patient, dependable and reliable.”

“Jasmin is always coming in early and making sure everyone is cared for, going above and beyond for each and every one of them with a smile on her face.”

“Kind and caring to the residents. Does little extras for the residents.”

Welcome to Cedar Haven!

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