This post continues our series in honor of Environmental Services & Maintenance week. In the past two weeks, we have celebrated the achievements of Steph Drucker and Beth Sanders. We are now turning the spotlight to our Maintenance department.

Meet James

James (Jim) Sourwine joined the maintenance crew at Cedar Haven Healthcare Center in October of 2011. Frank Uhler, the Director of Building and Grounds at Cedar Haven, commented that Jim became his assistant several years after joining the team and has been “taking the job head on ever since.”

Frank described Jim as someone who will “tackle anything I ask him to do, comes up with good ideas as issues arise, and does a fine job of running my department when I am out of the office.”

Jim noted that his favorite part of the job is working on “something different everyday and having the time to do the job right.” Jim said he also enjoys the nice atmosphere and interacting with the residents, who he gets to see quite a bit.

Please join us in thanking Jim for his exemplary work in our Maintenance department!

Welcome to Cedar Haven!

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