March is National Social Worker Month. We are taking this opportunity to celebrate the great work that our social services department does for our residents and their families every day. We are starting by spotlighting Kelly Troutman. (See Part Two, Michelle Heffner, Part Three, Claire Missimer, and Part Four, Pam Trautman.)


Meet Kelly

Kelly Troutman joined Cedar Haven as the Director of Social Services in July 2015. Kelly received her degree in Clinical Counseling Psychology before launching her career as a social worker. She brings over 10 years of experience in her field to Cedar Haven, where she primarily works with rehab residents (we will meet the social workers assigned to other areas of Cedar Haven in subsequent parts of this month’s series). Kelly enjoys working with our short term residents to help them achieve their therapeutic goals.


Kelly’s expertise extend well beyond what many of us typically envision as the role of “social worker.” She has a thorough understanding of Medicare guidelines, communicates regularly with local agencies, coordinates home health transitions, and facilitates access to durable medical equipment needed after short-term residents return to their homes. She uses her knowledge and experience to help people meet their goals.

As a relatively recent addition to the Cedar Haven team, Kelly noted that she enjoys the comradery and support that exists among the staff, many of whom have been with Cedar Haven for the majority of their careers.

Due to the expertise of Kelly and the rest of the department, Cedar Haven residents have been able to utilize community and county resources such as the Waiver Program and the Nursing Home Transition Program. In some circumstances, these programs have dramatically assisted with the transition back home after their therapy goals are met. Kelly views maintaining her knowledge of county programs and resources as a vital part of her role in providing quality care for our residents.

Please join us in thanking Kelly for her work!