This week we would like to recognize Marie Anderson, the Director of Therapeutic Recreation at Cedar Haven. Marie is in charge of organizing the many fun and engaging activities that are offered to our residents on a daily basis. For example, April’s Calendar includes 99 fun activities, ranging from musical performances, cultural and craft groups, and religious events or studies.


You might be asking, what’s so therapeutic about recreation? In the article entitled “The psychological importance of nursing home activities”, the Long-term living blog notes that “Once we do something fun, it energizes us enough to take the next pleasant action, thus leading to an upward spiral out of depression.” In other words, fun activities actually help to keep us well.

Marie grew up in Lebanon County. She initially joined the Cedar Haven staff as a Social Worker and worked in that department for five years. When she was in college, she completed an internship with the Area Agency on Aging in Lebanon County. That’s when she realized that this line of work was a great fit for her.

Marie said she loves her job because “I get to go to work and play with my friends!”


When asked about her favorite part of her job, she said, “The residents. I love spending time with them. Often I think—‘that’s who I want to be when I’m older.’”

Yesterday, Marie and her team hosted a Volunteer Banquet to thank the many volunteers who make our vibrant and engaging event calendar a possibility. Marie noted that “without our volunteers we wouldn’t do everything that we do.” The Cedar Haven volunteers help run the gift shop and spend much quality one-on-one time with residents. A variety of groups come in to run Bingo, help with evening programs, and assist with a variety of offerings. “They come in and bring something new to the residents,” she added. There are between 90 and 100 volunteers, including a mix of new faces as well as regulars who have visited our facility for years.

Marie also remarked that though our established team of volunteers is strong, she is always looking for more! You can call Marie at (717) 274-0421 if you are interested in volunteering.

Please join us in thanking Marie for the great work she does in coordinating the fun events at our facility.