Please join us in congratulating and thanking Melissa Krall, a dedicated member of the Cedar Haven care team, for her ongoing commitment to providing excellent care for our residents.

Melissa was nominated by her fellow team-members and is now being recognized for her exemplary service with our Employee of the Week award. We have included comments shared by those who nominated her below.

Melissa, thank you for your exemplary dedication and congratulations on your well-deserved award!

Comments made by fellow staff members:

“Melissa goes above and beyond constantly for her residents, her co-workers, and the families. I recently had a resident praise her for… never turning down a request. Today, I had a family member compliment her and call her a ‘savior!’ She is awesome!”

“Melissa is a caring, compassionate nurse and a wonderful advocate for her residents. She leads the CNAs on her floor by example, always willing to jump in and help. So glad she is a part of the Cedar Haven team!”

“Melissa was made to be a nurse. She is honest, caring, helpful, devoted, hard-working, and just an overall wonderful person. Thank you, Melissa!”  

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Happy Veterans Day to our Resident and Staff Veterans!

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