Please join us in thanking and congratulating Nicole Ducati, a talented LPN at Cedar Haven, who was recently recognized with an Employee Recognition Award.

We would like to acknowledge and celebrate Nicole for her outstanding work as a nurse at our facility. Nicole is known for her positivity, kindness, and compassion. We sincerely appreciate your efforts and the genuine care you show for our residents, Nicole! Congratulations!

Comments made by fellow staff members:

“Nicole is a very sweet nurse, always caring for her residents. She is a hard worker and the aides enjoy working with her.”

“Nicole is enthusiastic with her coworkers and is a pleasure to be around. I think she does a great job every day.”

“Nicole is friendly to all staff and stays positive. She is always helpful and courteous to the residents.”

“Nicole is always smiling and bringing good energy.”

“Nicole is a nurse who’s always on top of everything. Even when things don’t go as planned, she smiles through it and turns the situation positive.”

“Nicole treats her coworkers with respect and kindness. She is always willing to help out when needed.”

“She is the most happy, friendly, most amazing nurse I’ve ever worked with!”


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