This week we are wrapping up our National Social Worker Month staff spotlight series by highlighting Pam Trautman. If you missed them, please also check out our previous posts on Kelly Troutman, Michelle Heffner, and Clare Missimer from earlier this month.


Meet Pam

Pam is one of the four social workers at Cedar Haven and has worked at our facility for 17 years.

She received her BSW degree from Mansfield University of Pennsylvania and has lived in the Lebanon area for the last 19 years after relocating from Mansfield, Pa.

Pam works mostly on the first floor with some of our long-term residents who enjoy the social activity of the lobby, main dining room, and recreation room. Some of her daily job duties include monitoring resident’s moods, addressing family concerns, and helping our residents transition into their new living environment.


When asked about her favorite part of working at Cedar Haven, Pam noted the following:

“The part I like the most about my job is helping the residents turn a negative situation into a positive one. I try to get them to look at things differently and try to focus on the good. Life is what you make it and there is always something to be thankful for.

I am also very blessed to work with a great team of social workers that not only have a willingness to help residents and their families, but also each other.”

Please join us in thanking Pam for the valuable contributions she has made as a long-standing team member in our Social Services department.