Our 100% Deficiency-Free Survey results would not have been possible without our fantastic team. Here is a recap of the “Staff Spotlight” posts which we have featured on the Cedar Haven Blog since starting the series in November of 2015. Please enjoy learning more about these staff members and their commitment to providing the best care for our residents and their families:

Clare Missimer

Meet Clare, one of the four social workers at Cedar Haven, and discover why she chose the profession. Read Clare’s full spotlight here.


Darlene Weaver

Our Director of Staff Education keeps our staff educated and prepared. Read Darlene’s full spotlight here.


Deb Cunningham

Deb Cunningham is an exemplary LPN at our facility. You can learn more about her favorite parts of the job here.

Den Cunningham

Deb Muraira

Meet our Director of Health Information, who celebrated her 41st anniversary at Cedar Haven last fall. Read the full spotlight on Deb.


Kelly Troutman

In her spotlight, our Director of Social Services explained that social workers at our facilities fill a number of roles to best help our residents and their families. Read the full spotlight on Kelly.


Marie Anderson

Who keeps our residents engaged and smiling with a variety of fun activities, events, and musical performance? Read Marie’s full spotlight here.


Michelle Heffner

Meet Michelle, one of our compassionate and skilled social workers. Read Michelle’s full spotlight here.


Pam Trautman

Pam is another one of our experienced social workers with a positive outlook. Read Pam’s full spotlight here.


Sheilah Lausch

Meet Sheilah, a Transport Aide at our facility who focuses on helping each resident have a better day as she accompanies them to their offsite appointments. Read Sheilah’s full spotlight here.


Susie Stamm

Susie is our Director of Central Supply, though she began working at Cedar Haven as a Nursing Assistant. Read Susie’s full spotlight here.


Team Coach Stefonich

The staff members on Coach Stefonich’s floor teamed up to raise awareness and collect donations to fight Huntington’s Disease. Read more about Team Coach Stefonich and their efforts in their spotlight.