We are continuing our celebration of Environmental Services & Housekeeping week with another “Staff Spotlight.” This is a great opportunity for us to highlight and congratulate some of the members of our team whose critical work sometimes goes unnoticed behind the scenes. Last week we highlighted Beth Sanders from the Laundry department and this week we are turning to Housekeeping.


Meet Steph

Steph Drucker has been working at Cedar Haven Healthcare Center for 39 years. She started working in nursing and eventually switched to the Housekeeping department. In this role, she is still able to converse with the residents and staff, which she enjoys.

Steph noted that her favorite part of working at Cedar Haven is meeting new employees and residents. Steph is in charge of keeping the common areas in the facility spick and span. She enjoys talking with the residents as she moves through the facility.

“You can find out interesting things when you take the time to listen,” Steph said.

Please join us as we thank Steph for her commitment to caring for the residents and families at Cedar Haven Healthcare Center with excellence over all these years!