Are you a caregiver who wants to help your loved one make a comfortable transition into a long-term care facility? Our team members, including Kelly Troutman, Director of Social Services, and Patti Malay, Director of Admissions, have helped hundreds of families through this process. This guide will give you some expert tips and insights to make the conversation and subsequent transition as smooth as they can be.

  1. Assemble a Supportive Team:
  2. Schedule a time for the family to discuss a plan before talking to the parent or loved one. Make sure that you settle any differences of opinions before speaking with your loved one so that you will all be communicating a consistent message.

  3. Educate Yourself about Facilities and Admissions Procedures:
  4. You can schedule a tour and request information about services and amenities which are available at facilities, so that if certain topics (Such as, “How will I get to my Doctor’s appointments?” or “When will I get my hair done?”) come up in your conversation, you are prepared to share the options.

  5. Make a Plan for Your Conversation:
  6. Outline your main points. You can be both direct as well as compassionate. You can express your concerns while also asking about their preferences and desires.

  7. Make a Plan for an Upcoming Crisis:
  8. Should your loved one be hospitalized after a fall or medical emergency, are you prepared to make steps to transition into a facility should the Doctor make recommendations to do so? Are you aware of the requirements for receiving benefits for such a transition and how these could be forfeited if you returned home after your hospital stay?

  9. Start Now:
  10. Now that you are prepared, it’s time to take action. Present your concerns and the information you have learned while educating yourself. It’s better to start talking with your loved one about future transitions now rather than when a crisis situation hits.

  11. Get Your Team Involved:
  12. Now that you have started the conversation, your loved one may need benefit from hearing concerns or advice from medical professionals and additional family members as well. Cedar Haven has a Social Services department that can assist with these transitions.

  13. Avoid Unnecessary Emotional Topics:
  14. Keep it simple and avoid bringing up painful subjects that might make this conversation even more difficult than it needs to be. Try to steer the conversation back to what is best for them and their health in the long run.

  15. Remind Yourself that You Want the Best for Your Loved One:
  16. At times you may feel pressured to make a decision or recommendation that is not the best for them. Circumstances and conditions change, perhaps requiring a new set of decisions. Often caregivers begin to feel guilty. At this point, you need to remind yourself that sometimes living in a long-term or short-term care facility is necessary and can be very beneficial for your loved one’s health and social well-being.

Do you have specific questions about how to talk to your loved one? Our experienced team of professionals is here to help! Please contact us at 717-274-0421 or by sending us a message via our Contact Page Form.

Patti Malay

Patti Malay

Director of Admissions

Kelly Troutman

Kelly Troutman

Director of Social Services

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