Submitting a ticket to Watchkeep when you are having issues with your computer systems.

To provide you with the best service possible, please submit your service issues via email to The email process allows our staff to align your requests with technicians that are best suited to address your needs. Your submission helps us build on Cedar Haven’s service history and that serves as a valuable tool moving forward.

Service ticket submission
When you submit a request, please make the subject line of your email as simple as possible to describe your issue. Please include as much information as possible in the body of your email. Below is a list of items to include:
• Your name, location and how we can reach you
• A brief description of the problem
• Any error messages you received at the time of the issue (if possible, share a screenshot
or the exact text of the error message)
• Programs or applications which you are working in at the time the problem occurred
• Any changes you may have made recently (example: password change)

What happens after the ticket is submitted
• You will receive an automatic response that your email was received
• As the ticket progresses you will receive email updates
• Tickets are prioritized based on urgency and impact to the client’s organization
• Our engineers will reach out to you via phone or email as needed to resolve the issue

If you want a ticket status update Contact our Triage Engineer, Tim Penilla via email: or call: 610-334-0281

If you need service, email: