Welcome to the Cedar Haven Healthcare Center BlogThanks for visiting our new website. Today we are pleased to announce the launch of our new Cedar Haven Blog. Our skilled team will contribute to this blog in order to provide a valuable resource for our community. Our posts will be of interest to our employees, residents, families, and physicians, as well as the general public who may be interested in senior health and long-term care.

At Cedar Haven, our stated mission is to provide an enriched community life, support individualism, provide premier health and living services, and to promote a healthy work environment. This blog helps us to share more about the efforts we are taking to improve quality of life for our residents and employees.

So, what can you look forward to reading about on the Cedar Haven blog?

Our blog will:
• Highlight tips and research related to health and wellness
• Spotlight the achievements of our experienced staff
• Feature the lives and interests of our residents

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Cedar Haven Healthcare Center